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Moms aren’t the only people on the planet forced to deal with dangerous driving situations, of course. The moment any of us get into a car, the chances of our getting into an accident quickly escalate, as none of us can predict what will happen to us when we steer our vehicles onto the road.

However, there are a specific set of circumstances that are typical to most driving moms, and these, if not averted, could lead to problems on the road.

Such as?

#1: Moms have to deal with the school run

The bane of many moms, the school run is problematic in all kinds of ways.

After struggling to get the kids out of bed and into their clothes in time for school, many moms are in a frantic mood as they get into the car. With a stressed-out mind, they might lack the necessary concentration to deal with the road ahead of them. This, in itself, could lead to an accident.

Then there’s the hurry to get to school. Not only are moms battling to get to school before the bell rings, but they are also hurrying to get to the best parking spot, so they aren’t then forced to walk their kids half a mile to get to the school gates. It might be then, that some moms are tempted to put their foot down a little, in a bid to make it to school on time.

And then there’s the morning traffic. From other parents on the school run to the mass of commuters heading to work, the number of cars on the road will be high. The upshot of this? The greater chance of an accident, of course, which is probably compounded by the fact that many early morning drivers will also be tired and weary-eyed.

If you’re relating to this point, then we recommend these tips on surviving the school run. If you can get it under control, the less of a hurry you will be in, and the reduced chances of any potentially dangerous situations when you’re out on the road.

#2: Moms have to face in-car distractions

Driving isn’t easy when you have kids in the car. One moment they’re regaling you those words common to all children – I’m bored – and the next, they’re unbuckling their seat belts, fighting with their siblings, and spilling juice on your car seats. The chances of you taking your eyes off the road are high, and that, of course, is tantamount to disaster.

Are you relating to this? Like many moms, you have probably lost count of the number of times you have had to turn around to deal with the distractions your children cause.

To solve this issue, you might want to find ways to keep your kids entertained in the car. The more focussed they are, the more focussed you will be on the road ahead. You might also want to ask an adult passenger to sit in the back seat with your children rather than upfront next to you. They can then deal with any problems and can help to keep your children entertained.

In the event of an accident

We hope you never get into an accident, be it because of the situations we have discussed, or because of some other problem you might encounter on the road.

In the event that you do, we recommend our tips on what to do after an accident. While they won’t take away your stress, they might make your life a little easier should you find yourself in a panicked situation. 

We also recommend that you seek legal assistance, especially if you’re not to blame for the accident. With professional advice, you will be able to maximize your claims for your car accident. Again, this won’t take away your stress, but it will go some way towards alleviating it a little.

Still, let’s hope you never have to deal with such a situation. Follow our suggestions, and hopefully, your time on the road will be a safe one.

Take care, and thanks for reading!