It might only be September, but Christmas is around the corner. Before you know it, you’ll be celebrating with the people you love. Which means love, food, merriment, and presents.

Did you know that last year Americans spent an average of $885 per person on Christmas presents?

Every year people spend more and more on the people they love. But what presents do you get your partner? If you aren’t sure what to buy, then check out our list of gifts for the man who has everything.

Perfect Birthday Gift Ideas for a Special Friend

Gifts for Guys

Finding luxury gifts for men can be tricky, which is why it’s best to start thinking about it sooner rather than later.

You want to find something that shows him how much you care but that is also bespoke and unique to him. So to help, we’ve compiled a men’s gift guide to help you choose a Christmas (or birthday) present that he will love. 

  1. Personalized Glasses

Unique gifts for men don’t get any more special than personalized glasses so he can enjoy his favorite beverages in a glass bought by someone who adores him.

Whatever his favorite beverage is you’ll be able to find the perfect customizable glass to suit his needs. Whether he is a whiskey fan or a beer lover, there are many different drinking glasses that you can buy for him.

The worst part about buying for a man who has everything is that you fear he won’t use or enjoy your present. But who doesn’t love a personalized glass?

  1. Exercise Equipment

Maybe your man doesn’t enjoy indulging in beverages and instead likes to stay as fit and healthy as possible. If that is the case, you need to get him some exercise equipment.

But what kind of equipment? Well, that depends on your man. If his favorite sport is football, then get him a ball so he and his pals can go to the park and play. Or if he prefers running, get him a device that can help him track is progress.

Want to make it extra special? Then why not find a fun physical activity that the two of you can do together and make a day of it. For example, you could go paintballing for a day or get some snowboarding lessons.

  1. Suit Up

When you are thinking of luxury gifts for him, you might think about buying him some new clothes. Smart clothes are always a great accessory for his wardrobe and means that you both have a great excuse to get dressed up and enjoy an evening out.

Why not splash out on a new suit for him? He definitely will love it and will look sharp so that when you two attend your next wedding you’ll be the talk of the party.  Or look what I found, the perfect gift that is both classy and practical.

  1. Puzzles

Some men love to solve puzzles and work out complicated things. If your man loves problem-solving and working out puzzles, then why not get him a year’s subscription of his favorite puzzle magazine? 

Another puzzle-related present you could get for him is taking him to an escape room. Escape rooms are great fun for all involved and will really put his problem-solving skills to the test. 

  1. Skin Care

If your man likes to always look his best, then this year you need to get him some products that can make his job easier. 

Find some top quality skincare products that he’ll love to add to his morning routine. There something sexy about a man taking good care of himself, so it doesn’t hurt to encourage it a bit.

  1. Gadgets

Most men love gadgets. Whether they are technology gadgets or tool-like gadgets that can help him work on his DIY projects. There are so many amazing gadgets you can find these days. 

We recommend choosing a super cool tech gadget such as a virtual reality headset or a drone. Alternatively, you could get him a handy penknife or tool kit that can help him finish the shed that he has been working on for a few months.

  1. Music

If your man loves music then there are so many possible gifts you could get him. For example, you could get him a new record player, CD, or headphones. If he listens to his music digitally, why not get him an mp3 player or iPod?

Maybe he prefers music when it is live, in which case you should get tickets for him to see his favorite band. This will show him how much you care about the things he is passionate about and also how much you listen to him when he is talking to you about those passions.

  1. Literature

One way you can show your partner how much they mean to you is by finding and buying their favorite book. Write them a little love note or write down your favorite quote from the book at the front.

Take it a step further and find their favorite book in a rare edition, such as a first edition, or with additional commentary in it.

9. A Star

Something creative and unique is to name a star after him. This is sure to surprise him!

10. A luxury watch

Still can’t think of or find the perfect gift for your man? Then check out these Rolex watches that he definitely will love.

Find Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

There’s no denying that it can be difficult to find gifts for the man who has everything, but it’s not impossible. Follow our advice and think about what type of present or gift he’ll most appreciate. 

Still looking for more inspiration about what to buy him? How about an Experience like renting a supercar for the weekend, or a weekend away for the both of you.  Then have a browse of some of our other articles that can help you find the right gift for him.