As parents, it is important to take some time for yourself and relax, and especially to spend time with your significant other.  Life is so busy with kids, and it is good to take the time to connect and have quality time.  There are your basic date night ideas, like movies and coffee shops, but it is good to think of some exciting ways to change things up. 

Romantic Date Couple

Here are some fun and unique ideas:

Sports Game

We tend to spend a lot of time watching TV, so it is nice to switch things up and watch some sports, live.  Live sports are so much more entertaining and exciting, and there is the whole experience of going to the arena and cheering on your favorite players.  And finding tickets are so easy.  You can reserve LA Lakers Tickets online, well in advance, so that you can plan your night out.  And if sports aren’t your thing, you can still browse LA Forum Tickets for other events, like music and performances.

Arcade or Fair

We are so used to taking our kids to fun places, why not take the time to go as a couple and just kick back and enjoy!  Plus, you can feel like a kid again, playing games and doing things you normally don’t do for fun.  As parents, we are so used to entertaining our kids.  So a date night to the fair is certainly the chance to seize the opportunity!

Take a Class Together

Taking a fun class together is a good way to bond, whether you do a paint night or find a cool glass-blowing class.  There really are a lot of unique opportunities out there for a variety of experiences.  Search online for experiences, and you can find just about anything.  What better chance to do something like going on a dog sledding adventure, than with your loved one?

Find a Cool Place to Eat

Forget about your average coffee shop – there are so many neat options out there, from cat cafes to board game cafes.  Look for something with a neat experience built into it, and enjoy your time together.  Or mix things up, like go to a diner and have breakfast for dinner. You could even do something after like go to a nightclub or if that’s not your kind of fun, why not try one of the many comedy clubs in London.

There are lots of unique experiences you can have with your loved one.  As parents, there often isn’t much time you can spend alone together, so make the most of it!