One of the most common questions parents ask is “when is the best time of year to take my kid to the dentist?” The truth is there is not one hard-and-fast answer to this question. It really depends on your son or daughter, what they have going on, and your particular schedule.

That being said, many parents find that the summer is the ideal time to take their kid to the dentist because they are off from school and don’t have homework or extracurricular activities to focus on. Parents also tend to make their schedules more flexible in the summer months so it’s easier for them to find time to take their kid to the dentist.

Other parents wait until the summer is over and take their kid to the dentist right before school starts. This way, their son or daughter’s oral health has been evaluated and they know whether or not there are any issues before they begin school.

So, let’s talk about another important question some parents may have, “why are regular dental visits so important for my kid?” When you take your kid to the dentist every six months or so, their teeth will be thoroughly cleaned by a hygienist and they’ll be given some advice on how to improve their cleaning habits.

Also, a dentist will thoroughly evaluate their mouth and look for cavities, gum disease, and other conditions. Since early detection is the key to effective treatment, it’s important that a dentist looks for signs of oral damage on a regular basis. If you don’t take your child to the dentist twice a year, you may have no idea that they have an oral health problem.

In short, taking your son or daughter to the dentist is the key to keeping their teeth, mouth, and gums in optimal health and avoiding costly and frustrating complications down the road.