It’s important to look at recent trends that are starting to enter the market with a frenzy. Several unique designs have become commonplace among the masses and there are newer variations that are starting to play a role. 

Here are the three cutest baby footwear trends to keep an eye out for in 2019. 

1) Flat Sneakers 

Let’s begin with one of the more popular trends that are making the rounds in 2019.

The idea of flat sneakers (think Adidas Superstars) is something that will continue to be the rage moving forward. There’s a certain elegance to these flat sneakers that will look good on any baby. 

You are going to enjoy putting them on and they will always add a bit of beauty to their overall appeal.

Think about this as you look at the various options and make sure the investment is a good one. 

The reason flat sneakers are in has to do with moving away from curved bottoms. These are flat and they stand out when a baby has them on. The style points go through the roof when it comes to flat sneakers! 

2) Boat Shoes

(Image credit: Sperry)

Yes, boat shoes are wonderful when it is time to dress your baby up a bit.

Boat shoes always look good when you put a nice outfit together that is going to be the talk of the party. The baby is going to look great from all angles and it’s going to be comfortable at the same time.

You can put cargo shorts on the baby and they are going to rock those boat shoes with a passion. This is one of those details that truly add to the outfit and make it pop.

When it comes to modern trends, this is one of the cutest there is. 

3) Baby Booties

(Image credit: BirdRock Baby)

While traditional socks are great for around the house and for keeping your little ones feet nice and cozy, baby booties also provide that same level of coziness but with added protection (there’s a bit more padding and most come with rubber grippers on their bottoms for a non-slip shoe). 

Needless to say, baby booties are here to stay in 2019. 

Pro-tip: For warmer months, you’re definitely going to want a more breathable, lightweight fabric. Try a pair of cotton ones like the ones above from BirdRock Baby.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right footwear for your baby is all about a good balance of style and function. There are several variations and it’s all about personalizing the footwear as much as possible. To do this, these are the top three baby footwear trends to keep an eye out for. They are right in line with what looks good and will ensure your baby is as stylish as they come!