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I have always loved music and nature, and this new book from Secret Mountain, “Animal Musicians”, combines both!  Written by Julio Antonio Blasco, the book is a great overview of animals in our world that make music.

A variety of creatures, from whales to wolves, cicadas to canaries, and even exotic animals like the sac-winged bat and the club-winged manakin, inspired Pedro Alcalde, the author of Animal Musicians. This 64-page “Audio Picture Book” includes information about the characteristics, habitats, and behaviors of 14 animal virtuosos, featuring humorous illustrations by Julio Antonio Blasco. Alcalde, a noted orchestra conductor, invites readers to travel across the globe to discover nature’s best musicians.

The illustrations, by Julio Antonio Blasco, are wonderful, capturing the natural beauty of the animals.  This is a beautiful 8″x8″ hardcover book, with color illustrations throughout.  The artwork is so well done and eye-catching.

This book is recommended for ages 7 to 9, and grades 2 to 5.  It is entertaining and interesting, with such a great educational content as well.  I really enjoyed reading this book with my daughter.

Reading through this, I learned a lot about these animals that make music in their natural habitats.  The book tells you about their characteristics, habitat and behavior, and there is almost a link to listen along to hear the animals and their signature sounds in the wild.  The book contains a wide range of animals across the world, from humpback whales to Chinese torrent frogs to wolves.

The book comes with a listening link so that you can play the audio while you read the book.

Check out some of the sounds here:

This book has a list price of $19.95 CND / $14.95 USD.

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“Animal Musicians” Book

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