Most of us like to have at least one or two cups of coffee a day. But coffee comes in so many forms, whether it’s the cheap stuff you might get out of a vending machine at work, or the high quality cappuccino at your favourite breakfast joint. Whatever kind of coffee you are used to in your daily life, you can be sure that there is a real joy to be had from learning how best to prepare coffee in your own home. By learning what you need to do to create amazing coffee, you will be creating perfect cups of coffee in no time, and that is a joy in itself – even before you have tasted it. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to prepare coffee at home, so that you can get started on your coffee improvement journey.

French Press

Also known as a cafetiere, the French Press is one of the oldest and truest kinds of coffee preparation, and it is known to be a relatively swift way to produce deep-tasting coffee even from a cheaper pack of coffee grounds. If you are wondering how to make a french press coffee, it’s actually relatively simple, but there are a few essential steps. In particular, you should aim to warm up the French press first of all by filling it with water from the kettle. This will keep it warm so that when the water hits it, it does not cool the coffee down straight away. You can also get more out of a French press coffee by ensuring you leave plenty of time for it to ‘bloom’, or in other words, for the coffee to rise to the top.


The percolator is a favourite for the very reason that it is so quick and easy to use, and yet produces some of the best coffee that you might imagine possible in your own home. Once you have treated yourself to a good quality percolator kit, there is really not much learning to do here, so it’s beneficial for that. You just put your cold water in the bottom part, add grounds to the middle part, and screw the whole thing together and put it on the stove. Bear in mind that you don’t want to burn the coffee, so it’s best to leave it in its own heat just before it hits boiling. That will create a much more delicious cup.

Coffee Maker

Although it does not always produce the same intensity of taste, a coffee maker is best if you are short on time or patience, and you just want to have your coffee done. With these, you add coffee to the filter, water to the back compartment, and just switch the whole thing on. Many people find it doesn’t produce the same richness, but it does give you acceptable coffee in a swift time frame – and you can leave it to sit there and stay warm while you have your first cup, and then go back for more.