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More and more people are turning to vintage when looking for collectables, especially in the watch category, and over a period of time, a few wise purchases could pay real dividends in the event you wish to sell your collection for any reason. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when looking at vintage watches with a view to purchase.

  • Failing to Do Adequate Research – If you are a novice collector, make sure you spend some time checking out some of the many free resources to be found online, as the more you know about your chosen collectables, the better. You can research the history of famous brands such as Rolex, Cartier and the many other fine watchmakers from around the world.
  • Too Focused on a Single Brand – While brands like Rolex have made some stunning timepieces, it isn’t a good idea to become to obsessed with one particular brand, as there are many small watch manufacturers who have crafted some stunning examples of antique timepieces. You can buy cheap vintage watches online from one of the leading antique dealers, who would have a wide range of quality timepieces made by many different makers.

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  • Mistaking a Simple Calendar for an Annual Calendar – This is a common error when purchasing a vintage watch, and there is a specific difference between the two, and the annual calendar was first used in 1996 by Patek Philippe. This means that any watch made before 1996 could only be a simple calendar, which has to be forwarded every February, April, June, September and November, in order to maintain correctness. The annual calendar only requires manual alterations in the month of February, yet this would not be possible for any timepiece that was made prior to 1996.
  • Incorrect Use of the Term “Deployment Buckle” – Perhaps not so important, but the correct term is actually “Deployant”, not “deployment, when referring to the clasp buckle to fasten some watches. The name comes from the French words, “bouclé depolyanté”, which in English is “deployant buckle”, which was first used by Cartier.
  • The Movement is the Only Important Component of a Watch – While the movement is a critical component to a watch, there are other, equally important components that make up a vintage timepiece, such as case construction, dial design and exterior finish.
  • Rolex is the Most Expensive Watch you Can Buy – While it is true that Rolex watches are expensive, there are other brands that are sold for higher prices than Rolex timepieces. That does not take anything away from Rolex, who do have a global reputation for fine workmanship and quality, and for many collectors, this top Swiss make is always at the top of their wish list.

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If you are new to collecting vintage watches, it make sense to learn as much as you can about the various watch makers and their many designs, and if you forge an alliance with a leading antique dealer, they can certainly help you to source any make and model that interests you.