Physical therapists (also known as physiotherapists) specialize in helping the body recover strength and motion after surgery or injury. They are trained to teach patients some stretches, certain exercises, techniques, as well as introducing them to specialized equipment that can aid them in restoring their strength and vigor. 

A scar tissue therapy program can cover a range of exercise and massage treatments geared toward rehabilitation and injury prevention to accelerate healing. The goal of the therapy is to improve your fitness levels so you can return to your normal activities.

Below are specific ways physiotherapy services in Scarborough can lead you to the path of complete and lasting healing after surgery or injury:

Core strength and stability improvement

In recent years, experts in physical therapy have come up with effective techniques to train the strength and stability of the core muscles. Similar to the foundation of a house, the core of our body must be strengthened so we can withstand chronic pain and overuse injuries. Core strengthening involves training the back and pelvis muscles. Pilates workouts are a great example of exercises that improve the stability and strength of these muscles.

Balance and mobility enhancement

Mobility is a serious concern among people who are recovering from an injury or surgical procedure. It may take a few weeks or months before they can get back on their feet. With limited mobility, performing daily chores may become a struggle. Physiotherapy is an excellent recourse of treatment to boost coordination and help the body regain muscle strength so that a patient can slowly move around in a free and safe manner.

Pain alleviation

Following an accident or surgery, the body may sustain aches and pains. These pain sensations can be brought by an ankle injury while playing basketball, or severe back pain after hours of hunching over a desk at work. If the pain is keeping you from completing simple everyday tasks, you need to get immediate attention from a physiotherapist. Regular physiotherapy sessions at Be Strong Physio do not only mitigate or reduce pain, they also minimize your dependence on expensive (sometimes harmful) painkillers.

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Stretching tight joints and muscles

If you’re suffering from tight joints or stiff muscles, it may be tough for you to do normal activities like reaching overhead or climbing the stairs. Proper and adequate stretching can help improve these functions. Physiotherapists can assist you in doing stretches so you can maintain the flexibility of your muscles and ensuring a good range of motion with your joints. 

Management of age-related health issues

As we age, we will likely develop complications in our joints, muscles, and bones (e.g. arthritis and osteoporosis). Ageing individuals can benefit from physiotherapy when it comes to the management of the effects of these health issues. Physiotherapists can also design a treatment plan for people who’ve had a hip or knee replacement surgery to lessen pain and facilitate faster recovery.

Physiotherapists from True Life Wellness and Physiotherapy understand your needs and they can create a tailored treatment plan that targets your condition. This way, you can rest assured that you can recover quickly with a much improved quality of life. When getting a physiotherapy service in Scarborough, make sure to discuss your goals with your physiotherapist. Let them know what activities you are looking forward to performing by the end of the therapy. This makes it easier for your therapist to come up with a recovery plan that fits seamlessly to your needs.