When people outgrow their homes or decide they want a home with different features to what’s offered by the property they’re currently in, they’ll often sell up and move. This, of course, is one way to go about the situation. You could find a new home that checks more of your boxes than your current one does. But it’s important to know your options and there are definite alternatives. You could stay in your current property, but just have restoration or renovation work carried out instead. These two process will put wrongs to rights in your home and can even prove cheaper than the whole selling and buying process. So, let’s take a moment to understand each a little more in-depth.

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Restoration work is work that’s carried out on older or damaged properties to bring them back up to scratch again. Generally speaking, property restoration is carried out on older properties. When older properties were built, building work may not have been as well regulated as now or at least doesn’t meet modern standards. Alternatively, the original work may be fine, but the building has experienced wear and tear over the years, so needs a little TLC to bring it back to life. All sorts of restoration work can be carried out on your property. So you need to find the right professionals for the job. Some specialist will focus on the restoration of thatched roofing, others may prioritise the restoration of doors and door frames, some professionals will prefer to work on beams and supporting structures within a home. Make sure you have your property surveyed to identify areas that need restoration work carried out and then find Restoration Denver specialists who will be able to handle the job for you!


An alternative to restoration is renovation. Renovation can be carried out on any property – it is simply a process that adds or alters a property to make it better suited to the people living within it. There are a whole host of renovation projects out there and each will serve a different purpose. If you find that you need more rooms in your home than when you moved in, you might want to consider having an extension, having a spare bathroom turned into a bedroom, having a spare room turned into a bathroom, or even having a loft conversion built. If you need somewhere to store your car, you might want a garage fitted. If you feel your property doesn’t have enough natural light filtering through, you might want French doors fitted, ceiling to floor windows and sliding doors put in, or a skylight created. The opportunities with renovation work are practically endless.

As you can see, restoration and renovation work can prove pretty good options when it comes to altering your home and making it better suited to you and your needs and preferences. So, why not consider going with one of these options when you can stay put and make your current home really work for you?