HDB homes can be affordable because these are public-housing properties. But that shouldn’t stop you from experimenting with its designing and decoration. Whether you buy a new or old studio apartment or two – to five-room flats, renovation can uplift the total appearance of your house in a heartbeat. This exercise can incur substantial expenses, but you can infuse freshness in the old structure or lend a touch of your personality to the newly-owned home with the help of an interior designer. Since your home speaks volumes about your tastes and preferences, you should keep it clean, well-maintained, and beautiful. In this article, you will get a quick lowdown on a variety of interior themes, such as minimalist, modern, rustic, oriental, bucolic, and classic. Let’s first, however, start with the minimalist trend.

Opt for everything minimal

This type of idea is most suitable for a small HDB home of one or two bedrooms. It follows the precept of – the less, the better. To give your house a sense of spaciousness, you can paint your home in neutral colors of white, gray, etc. The choice of furniture should also be straightforward. Avoid using intricately carved wooden furniture to keep your space airy. 

Also, choosing a uniform shade for everything can be a wise idea so that it creates an impression of larger-size. However, to break monotony all around, you can make a smarter choice with soft furnishings, such as a rug. Place a brightly hued carpet in your living room to introduce a quick twist in the design.

Since minimalism is also about peace and happiness, you should include indoor plants in your home. It will give a unique texture.

Indulge in classic-style luxury

If you want to see your home in its royal grandeur, then classic designs can justify your taste. To achieve this goal, you can select floral or lace-style prints for your wallpapers. In your dining room and bedrooms, you can install chandeliers that look uber expensive but not necessarily cost much. You can shop for this style of lighting from home depots or furniture stores. Also, bring sofas with plush cushioning so that the spirit of your theme remains unspoiled. Comfort and elegance matter a lot when it comes to these pieces of furniture. So be attentive about the choice. Other than that, investing in precious upholstery materials with floral patterns and luxurious lampshades with classic undertones can be a good idea.

Translate your nest into modern comfort

You can give your HDB home an edgy look by mixing florals, ikats, and other patterns in different hues in one room. Place beautiful, cozy sofa set in the living room. If you love inspirational, funny, witty, or motivating quotes, then buy wall hangings that contain such texts for your bedroom or living area. Then, you can add mirrors and smart lighting everywhere to create a statement of sorts.

Combine sophistication with classic looks for an oriental feeling

Nowadays, HDB interior design ideas are also going down well with the homeowners for its ability to infuse comfort and peace quickly. You can pick Chinese antique showpieces against the contemporary setup to stir a modern-oriental feel. The brightly colored walls with a combination of rosewood furniture can be another interesting choice to consider for creating a stimulating ambiance. If the structural beams and flooring lack evenness, then you can get timber beams installed overhead to cover up the flaws. The Chinese look, however, should remain as is.

Enjoy the quirky charm of being rustic

Inexpensive, simple, hearty, and warm are some of the unique characteristics of rustic interiors. You can achieve this look for your home quickly by incorporating natural solid fabrics in your home. Burlap, linen, woolen, and canvas materials are some common choices in this case. Also, choose furniture that looks raw without polish. If you are a DIY person, you can use your old wooden pieces of furniture to shape them into something new. Or, you can visit a nearby store where recycled stuff is easy to avail. Wooden decors with select quotes that resonate with your thinking can also fit quickly in this type of setting.

Mix the country theme with modern elements

If you incline towards feminine backdrop, then a mix of country style design idea with modern accents can work wonders. You would generally need floral prints and textures in the decorations. With that, the use of light color tones can make a fantastic combination. Besides, the choice of wall panels, cabinets, and wooden furniture can also contribute to the overall look and feel of your country-style home. A few things that can go a long way in creating instant difference include a striped couch, a bench on the entry, a glass-door cabinet in the kitchen, etc.

You can achieve many different looks for your home. But it is up to you to decide which interior design idea can be an extension of your personality so that your home looks yours genuinely.