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Don’t Neglect Antiques, When Designing A Modern Space 

For people looking to update a home’s interior and/or living space, there are all kinds of great, new products that make spaces look, feel and function better. At physical mom and pop shops and mega-chain retailers the newest products are always showcased. Online retailers market benefits from the newest and latest too. However, anyone looking to design or re-design an area does not have to turn to the modern design offerings to make the design or a modern space ideal. In fact, adding antiques into the design plans for modern spaces brings personality, taste, quality craftsmanship and a unique balance to the mix.

Antiques Furniture that Is Durable, Tasteful and Practical
A lot of modern design plans forgo bringing antique furniture into the look and functions of a room. When doing this, they are neglecting timeless pieces of furniture that provide a high-quality, classy feel to any room. Antique long case clocks (for example at Dutch Time Pieces), console tables, chairs and coffee tables are just a few of the types of furniture that can be used. Take for example the benefits or placing in a room an antique long case clock. The piece of furniture is well-made and will last a long time. It’s function benefits the room too. It encourages people in the space to turn to the piece of furniture for the time, instead of phones and tablets that can be a distraction.

Bring in Antique Accessories
When it comes to accessories there are all kinds of great options to choose from that will make a room a better space. Antique style mirror can make any space airier. Antique vases can bring life to any living area through their unique design and ability to hold flowers that make a space more welcoming. Consider antique rugs, throw pillows and window treatments. Any of those design choices will set a space apart from others with their unique look. Antique pieces of art can bring more life to a room and foster communication and inspiration. Behind each piece of art is a story. Another great antique accessory is photo frames. Use them to highlight photos of friends and family that deserve that extra attention. Better yet, fill those frames with old photos. Try to find photos that day highlight family and/or community history. Antique lamps provide, not just light for a space, but room focal points and conversation starters.

A Unique Look that is Stylish and Functional
By incorporating antiques into a home and/or interior living space, first time designs and re-designs will result in a look that is timeless, functional and stylish. Antiques will sure make any space is a unique space. While many people believe that antiques do not belong in a modern design, it is simply not the case. Whether it is an antique piece of furniture or an accessory that adds a unique touch, antiques could and should be used in the design of any space. By using them, any space will stand out.