Some men and women always look like they stepped out of a fashion magazine. Others, however, appear as if they just crawled out of bed even when they have been up for hours. How can every person have a well-put-together look? The following tips are of great help in achieving this goal. 

Transform an Outfit

Before getting rid of items in the closet, try them with some new accessories – check it on MoonMagic. The addition of a statement necklace is a great way to change up the look of clothing that has become tired and boring. The same is true when statement earrings are tried or a new bracelet is obtained. People often struggle to come up with new ways to wear the items they have when they should be looking at the accessories they purchase rather than the actual clothing. As men and women can now get jewelry online, finding unique pieces that stand out in the crowd isn’t difficult. 

Sparkling Diamonds

The best way to ensure your diamonds sparkle is to clean them with dishwashing soap. Simply add a little dish soap to some warm water and let the diamond soak for approximately 15 minutes. A toothbrush is of great help to remove the grime, and a toothpick may be used to get into small crevices where dirt and debris have accumulated. This method is so effective The Knot, a popular bridal website, recommends it to its readers. However, take care to wash the ring thoroughly after cleaning it to ensure no soap residue remains behind.

The Right Undergarments

Make certain undergarments fit properly. If they don’t, the entire outfit will be negatively affected. Tight-fighting undergarments can lead to unattractive bulges that are visible under clothing. In contrast, those undergarments that are too loose can disrupt the flow of clothing and appear unsightly. Keep in mind that these articles of clothing provide the foundation for the outfit. Nobody wishes to live in a home with a foundation that isn’t solid and the same is true for any person wearing an outfit. Furthermore, keep undergarments hidden. They are not meant to be on display, although many women now choose to show their bra straps under a top. 

Be Aware of Your Body Type

Women and men often focus on one feature of their body and work to either emphasize or detract from it. However, a person needs to know their overall body type when purchasing clothing to get items that truly fit. This means a person needs to take into consideration their scale, proportions, shape, coloring and more. For example, a short person should wear pants and a top that are the same color to make them appear taller. In contrast, an overly tall person may wish to break up the body line at the waist to minimize their height. 

Become Familiar with the Color Wheel

Certain colors go well together while others simply clash. To truly show off your fashion sense, try different color combinations using the color wheel.  Colors that sit next to each other on this wheel go well together, but be sure to consider the levels of light and dark when combining them. Another way to coordinate colors is to use those that sit opposite each other on the color wheel. They are known as complementary colors and provide a person with a bold look. Never combine more than three colors in the same outfit, however, as doing so can be complicated.

Add a Belt

If color scares you, consider adding a belt in a bright shade. Doing so can bring an outfit together and the bright color won’t detract from the face. This is a great way to incorporate the color of the year into any wardrobe, and belts come in every shape, size, and style, making it easy for each person to find the one that most flatters their figure. For a classic, sophisticated look, grab a black patent belt. This never goes out of style. 

Take a Friend Shopping

Choose a friend that is brutally honest and one who has a fashion style you appreciate. They can be of great help in finding those items that flatter the figure, choosing accessories to complete outfits, or simply to say don’t buy something if it doesn’t look right. Be sure to ask why this person thinks something works or something doesn’t. When they can’t go along on a future shopping trip, this information can be used to pick outfits with ease. 

Care for Clothes Correctly

Although it may be time-consuming to learn how to care for different articles of clothing, doing so ensures they last longer and look great from the day they are purchased until they are given away or discarded. Certain clothes need to be hand-washed, others must be dry cleaned, and some may be machine washed but dried flat. Check out the care instructions before making a purchase to ensure the item will be worth the care that is required to keep it looking new. This helps to eliminate many purchases that simply aren’t reasonable. 

Deodorant Marks

Every person has gone to put a shirt on only to discover their deodorant left white marks or streaks. Fortunately, there is a quick fix to this and it doesn’t involve choosing a new top or outfit. Simply grab a hanger that has the protective foam on it from the store. Rub this foam where the deodorant marks are and watch them disappear. If you don’t currently have one of these hangers, ask at your favorite stores the next time you go shopping. They are often very happy to provide the foam for free.

Try these tips today to see how they transform your wardrobe. When you look good, you feel good too. It’s all a matter of knowing what works and what doesn’t, and this depends in large part on the person. Anyone who isn’t comfortable in their clothing will find this shows and others take notice. As you become confident in your choices, you can experiment more. When you do, you’ll find others turn to you for fashion advice, as you have the look they are after.