You have probably had your children beg to have a pet at some point another. As it turns out there is a chance that getting a cat in your life may be beneficial to you.

Here are 4 reasons you, as a mother, should consider getting a feline.

1. Multiple Benefits for Your Child

As a parent, you have your child’s best interests at heart. This isn’t to say bringing a kitten into a house of small children is the perfect idea for every household. However, if your children are old enough and you are in a place where you can take care of an animal as part of your family, then there are plenty of reasons why it will be good for your kids.

Your child will learn about the circle of life, biology and food chains should your cat be a hunter, responsibility and much much more. You can choose to take on a kitten and have your children be hands-on or get an older kitty to show your kids that they need to be gentle. By getting a cat you will start to teach your child many life lessons that they will thank you for.

2. Health Benefits 

You will always be conscious of your children’s health as well as your own. Owning a cat may seem like taking on another thing dependent on you but there are some health benefits to having one.

It is a well-known fact that a cat’s purr can be very therapeutic. If you ever owned a one before your children arrived, you will know the joy of them happily curling up on your lap and the gentle rumble of a purr.

There are also a few more things they can do for you:

 – Purring helps relieve stress and anxiety.

 – Reduced risk of heart disease thanks to lower stress levels. Owning a cat can even lower the risk of a stroke.

 – Fewer allergies in children. Exposure to pets early on can supposedly decreases the chance of a child developing allergies.

 – Better nights sleep. Some people prefer to sleep with their cat near them and it can actually help you sleep better.

3. Companionship

When times get hard or you simply need a bit of comfort, a pet is an excellent companion. Felines do have a bit of a reputation for being aloof and independent. However, they can actually be a great source of comfort in times of need.

When you are down, having pet near you can be hugely comforting to pet them or even talk to them. If your child is upset, a kitten can be a source of entertainment to cheer them up, either by playing or simply just acting in a silly way. Obviously, your pet is not a toy so supervise your young children; but you will surely see them brighten up playing with their feline friend, or watching their multiple cats playing.

4. They Aren’t as High Maintenance as Dog

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a dog, cat or both kind of person. Dogs make excellent companions too. However, if you are choosing to bring a dog into the house there is a chance your family may conveniently forget their promises to take it out for a walk every day.

Dogs, being pack animals, are higher maintenance than trusty felines. If you don’t want to end up doing EVERYTHING from picking up after the dog to having to bathe it, you may want to consider a kitten.

Although kittens can be a lot of work, the older they get the more independent they get. They will clean themselves, litter trays are easy to clean, they take themselves for walks, and won’t constantly rely on you for entertainment.


When you think your child is ready or you just get bored of them begging you for a pet, getting a cat provides you with so much more than just an extra mouth to feed. We recommend you get yourself down to the nearest pet shelter and choose a fluffy companion in need of a good home.