Many people have grown up with the idea that artificial Christmas trees are inferior to real ones. But with all the improvements in quality over the years, there are some reasons why they may actually be a better idea for your family. Here are some top things to consider when deciding if you want to invest in an artificial tree this season.

It Actually Is an Investment

While a realistic looking artificial tree is not cheap, a high-quality one like those from Balsam Hill can last you years and be backed by warranty. Rather than a live tree that will be thrown out after the holiday, you can get use out of an artificial one over several years, possibly ten or more, making it an investment for holidays to come.

Delivery to Your Door

When you want a live tree, you need to go get it. In some cases, this is as simple as going to a Christmas tree lot. In others, you need to go out in the woods and cut it down. Plus, in some places, chopping it down isn’t an option and lots are few and far between. If you buy your tree online, it will arrive on your doorstep and look perfect, just like in the pictures. If you’re in doubt, there are many options and some companies will send you a piece of the tree so you can see if it really looks the way you’re expecting.

It’s Easier to Put Up

The new styles of artificial trees are extremely easy to put up, certainly less so than wrangling a cut tree into the house and a stand. In addition, some come with lights already mounted in a way that all you see are the bulbs rather than a bunch of wires. Plus, they’re put on the tree in regular intervals, rather than what normally happens when you do it yourself. Instead of the kids waiting anxiously for the lights to get on, they can get to the fun part of putting on the ornaments right away.

Maintenance Is Simpler

Actually, maintenance is non-existent. There’s no worrying about making sure that the tree has water, or the potential fire hazard of dried out live trees. No fallen needles to clean up. Just put it up, decorate it, enjoy it, and store it away once the Christmas season has passed. That’s really all it takes. This is a particular bonus for people who prefer to leave their trees up for a longer period of time.

There Are Lots of Options

Once you start taking a look to see what’s out there, you’re going to find out there are a lot of options. Trees come in different styles, mimicking specific species of evergreen trees such as balsam fir, spruces, or pines. They also vary in height, shape, and, of course, quality. As you consider your choices, be sure to see what people who have purchased them are saying, such as these Balsam Hill reviews. That way you can make a more informed decision.

What About the Scent?

There’s something about a live evergreen that instantly evokes the Christmas mood. A high-quality essential oil in a diffuser won’t be exactly the same, but it can work pretty well. If you go that route, you’ll want to look for products that have reviews attesting to the naturalness of the scent.

Of course, when you’re purchasing a Christmas tree for your family, what’s most important is that it will make them happy. However, with the quality available in the current marketplace, chances are good you can find the right artificial tree that will save you money, make your life easier, and still give your kids the holiday they’re expecting.