I received this CD in exchange for my honest review.

This July 12, Howie D from the Backstreet Boys has released his first family album, “Which One Am I?”.  As a member of the Backstreet Boys, his name and vocals are very recognizable, but this is his first album for kids.  As a musician and performer his whole life, Howie is an accomplished artist, and it really shows in this new album.

It is fun to see Howie D creating children’s music, now that he is a parent.

“Which One Am I?” is made up of a collection of songs that are based on Howie D’s memories of childhood, making it relatable to kids and adults alike.  The album is about Howie’s struggles and achievements, from fears to acceptance of his unique qualities.  One example is “No Hablo Español”, a track about his upbringing in Florida, where he struggled with where he fit in to his community.

“The goal of Which One Am I? is to remind people that no matter what they’re going through, they can emerge victorious. I especially want kids who listen to the music to come away knowing that everything that happens teaches you how to develop into the person you were meant to be.” – Howie D

The album has a great catchy quality, with songs that the whole family can enjoy.  There are a lot of different sounds to the album as well, and I like the variety in the tracks.

The topics are relatable to both kids and adults, and the album is fun but also has a deeper side to it.

My favorite is “The Me I’m Meant To Be”, a song about embracing your qualities.  Check out the video here:

There are 12 great songs on this CD:

1. Which One Am I?
2. Back In the Day
3. Monsters In My Head
4. Shy
5. Worry
6. Pollyanna
7. School Bell Tango
8. Small Time Blues
9. No Hablo Español
10. The Me I’m Meant To Be
11. Back In the Day Reprise
12. Lean On Me

Check out Howie D online:

Howie D‘s websiteFacebook / InstagramTwitter / YouTube.