Are you picking out a new fish for your aquarium and unsure about if it’s the right choice?

That’s not surprising. Fishkeeping isn’t as simple as it seems. All fish are unique and have their own needs.

But it’s worth learning how to do. After all, keeping fish can have more benefits than just keeping you company.

The question is, how do you know if a fish will thrive in your aquarium? There are several things to consider to answer that question.

Keep the five things below in mind when picking your out your new fish.

1. Type of Water

Not all fish can survive in the same water. The type of water in your tank will help you determine what fish you can buy.

The question to ask is whether you have a freshwater or saltwater tank?

Freshwater fish are easier to keep. They can survive in more versatile environments, so their requirements aren’t as high.

Saltwater fish are a different matter. These fish have stricter water requirements. This difficulty means that new fishkeepers may have a harder time taking care of them.

Additionally, you will likely need to maintain a certain water temperature in your aquarium. Click here for more information on the best aquarium heaters.

2. Fish Species

Before you introduce a new fish to a tank, you need to consider the other species of fish that will be living there. You don’t want to put fish that aren’t compatible together.

One of the biggest things to watch out for is aggression. An aggressive fish can stress out fish that are timid and make them sick.

3. Tank Size

You can’t put a fish in a small bowl and expect it to thrive. It needs enough room to move around.

Research the species you are considering buying to make sure your aquarium is large enough.

You can discover more about these aquariums to find the right size tank for what you want.

4. Your Time Availability

If you want your fish to be healthy, then you need to maintain your aquarium. This means cleaning the filter, cycling the water, and cleaning it out.

The choice of your fish will determine your cleaning schedule. If you don’t have much time, then you want to find a fish that doesn’t produce much waste and put it in a larger tank.

If time isn’t an issue, then you have more options available.

5. Fish Food

You can feed some fish with regular fish flakes. Others have specialized food requirements.

Before you bring your fish home, make sure you can meet the needs of its diet.

Once you have your fish, you need to make sure not to overfeed it. Leftover food will pollute your tank and introduce disease to your fish.

You will also need a plan to feed your fish when away from home. If you don’t have a trusted friend or family member to do this, Automatic fish feeders are also a great option.

Make Sure Your Fish Works With Your Aquarium

Keeping fish as pets isn’t a set it and forget process. You need to make sure you keep your aquarium clean, pick the right fish, and keep them healthy.

If you keep the things above in mind when picking your fish, you’re already part of the way there.

Once you have your fish taken care of, you might be thinking about taking on other pets. If so, head over to our pet category to learn more about your options.