Having any plumbing repairs or damages covered by homeowner’s insurance is what every individual will seek; however, whether or not you will receive compensation for the same is a different question altogether. There are many reasons for the same.

In this article, let us find out more about plumbing repair work and slab leaks and whether or not you are eligible for insurance coverage. So, this article will focus mainly on the following-

  • Insurance and re-piping
  • Slab leaks and insurance coverage
  • What will homeowners’ insurance policy not cover?

Let us take one sub-topic at a time for better insight.

Drain Pipe Plumbing
  • Insurance and re-piping

If you want an answer to the question above, the repair and damage may or may not be covered. Why is it so? This is because it depends entirely on the terms and conditions that govern your policy and secondly, you will not get any damage coverage cost if the mishap has happened due to maintenance issues. If you have seen the damage occurring over the course of time and it was gradual, it indicates you did not pay heed to it, and you could have stopped further damage right away.  

If your house has pipes that have corrosion and pipes that are not functioning properly, the expenses that you have to incur for fixing the problem will be inclusive in the policy. However, as far as re-piping for the entire home comes, the insurance company prefers that you take it as a “preventative” step that you have to shell out from your pocket.

  • Slab leaks and insurance coverage

Many homeowners have this common query “is a slab leak covered by insurance,” however, the chances are that there is a decent chance that the slab leaks might be inclusive in the homeowner’s insurance policy. Let us delve deeper into it.

The insurance policy will likely cover the damage cost under the following circumstances-

  • If there is water damage by a slab leak
  • If any of the structures of your home requires repair due to slab leak
  • If the condition is such that you have the tear out the slab (excluding the pipe), your insurance policy will likely cover the cost
  • You would be eligible for cost coverage if the slab leak that occurred did harm to your belongings like furniture and clothes. Also, you will have coverage if the fire is the cause of the leaking slab.  
  • What will homeowners’ insurance policy not cover?

However, there are instances when the policy will exclude few damages or repair and the ones that you will not get cash for. These are-

  • You will have to pay for the cost of replacing the pipe that is broken. The same applies to repairing the pipe too
  • If you have neglected the maintenance of the damage or did not pay heed to maintaining the structures or the progressing damage over a period of time.
  • If the slab leak is due to the interference of tree roots in the structure.

The instances when you will be eligible for homeowners’ insurance policy will invariably differ from one instance to another depending on the extent of damage, degree of repair that you prefer to do and last but not the least, the terms and conditions that govern your policy and agreement between you and the insurance carrier.