In 2016, more than 19 million people visited the City of London, and the number has been growing since then.

London is a major global cosmopolitan city attracting all manner of people. It’s a global capital of finance, history, soccer, and of course the Monarchy.

If you are planning to make a trip to London, you will need to adjust and blend in fast. From the moment you land at Heath-row Airport, let no one pick you out as a foreigner.

In this article, we give you the top 7 tips to turn on your London style.

1. Keep It Decent Whether Casual or Formal

You might have heard how Europeans like to be formal. When on a trip to London, keep it casual but decent. London street style allows for people to be in jeans and t-shirts as long as the weather allows, unlike the United States.

Unless you are heading for a very important meeting, then you might need a suit and a tie. Even in the formal meetings, a coat with a well-pressed tailored dress shirts and un-matching pant would do. Avoid being too casual like wearing sweatpants, flip flops, or anything that would betray you in the city.

Depending on what takes you to London, ensure that you also have an outfit that you can visit one of the many fancy eating places. No one wants you to appear in your loose blouse and jeans.

2. Flat Walking Shoes Should Be Just Fine

Americans are known to wear white tennis sneakers or easy flip flops as they go about their business across the globe. As much these are okay, they will make you noticeable from the word go. Bring with you flat shoes that can help you walk around the city and still be seen to be presentable.

Ankle boots are ideal for London as the weather is unpredictable. You don’t want to be wearing open shoes when it rains. London fashion trends have leaned towards trendy boots as well as flat, comfortable walking shoes.

Do not let the shoes sell you out.

3. Monitor the Weather and Be Ready for a Surprise

London weather can be quite unpredictable. At one time, the weather can be warm and sunny by the time you get into the Tube, and be something different by the time you get to the next stop. Be prepared for this and carry London outfits that suit you.

Sometimes it would be good to wear layers, but this can also be something that betrays your identity. Many Londoners can tell you are a foreigner by the way you are coping with the rapidly changing weather. As much as we want you to look fashionable, be warm.

4. Your Bag Should Just Be Right Size

You can spot a tourist anywhere by the type of bag they are carrying. Ensure you carry a bag that is not too big, that you drag it across the city. A simple backpack just enough to carry your water and some few shopping items is ideal.

Your bag should be enough to carry your personal effects. These include travel documents, portable chargers, umbrella, and a laptop if you are on a business trip.

For evening dining, especially women, carry a fashionable evening pouch that only has your wallet, credit cards, and your phone. It’s also important to have your identification documents with you, just in case.

5. Hopping from One Shop to Another Can Sell You Out

The best way to pick out a tourist is their appetite for shopping and tasting things in the new place they are visiting. As much as it’s good to carry a piece of London with you back home, do not overdo it.

If you want to remain under the radar, be discreet on your shopping. London is also not very affordable when it comes to shopping. Fashion in London is quite cosmopolitan based on the number of foreign nationalities residing there.

Based on the variety, it’s okay if you shop here because you will get quite a lot to choose from.

6. Avoid the Union Jack Attire; It’s Not a London Style

A sure way for someone to know you are a tourist is donning that union jerk jacket or t-shirt. It’s like wearing ‘I love New York’ t-shirt on your normal day around New York. British people are patriotic enough, but a union jack is not part of fashion in the UK.

Union jack attires include those about the British Monarch, the sights of the city, and the numerous soccer teams in London. You will look odd, wearing a soccer jersey when it is not a soccer day.

7. London Dining Etiquette Is Part of Fashion

Good table manners have, for a long time, been considered a national pride for people in the UK. How you eat your food will determine if people around you can detect that you are not one of them. Familiarize yourself with the British dining etiquette before you head out for dinner.

A mobile phone on a dining table is a big no, and you will look out of place. The business of the moment is dining.

London has a variety of eating places, including American style fast food outlets. These are frequented by foreigners who would rather not get into the sophistication of UK dining mannerisms. Hopping into a MacDonald or Burger King will give you out as a non-local.

London Is Cosmopolitan, but You Need to Embrace the Local Fashion

When you visit London, you need to look and feel in the groove. Embracing the London style of dressing will give you that confidence to interact with the locals. You might miss the British accent, but ensure what you wear makes you look like a local.

Step out in style and impress in London. Fit in the groove when you wear the right shoe, right clothes, and the bag that you carry. Above all, learn a trick or two how to behave in front of a dining table as this is considered quite important.

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