Crime is never a black or white reality! It has shades of grey. However, when someone you love or a family member is put to prison, guilty of a crime that he/she is not guilty of or has got framed, you need to do your best to prove the person innocence. Finding an ace lawyer to find the legal case is the ultimate process, and it will take a long time. If you want to provide respite to the defendant, get him/her out of jail at the earliest. For this, you need to say yes to bail bonds.


Before you go ahead with the bail process, you will have pertinent questions in your mind. Some of the essential questions to consider are:

What is a bail or bail bond?

The bail or bail bonds is the payment which you have to make at court, to make sure that the defendant is set free from the jail. However, that doesn’t mean the defendant is free of the crimes. He/she can stay with you as an ace lawyer fights the legal battle at the court and tries to win the same. Under a bail bond, the defendant needs to make the required court appearances as and when the court deems fit. They need to be part of the scheduled legal hearings. It is the collateral that you place against a bail amount. 

If you’re in the area, go ahead and check Angels Bail Bonds in Norwalk CA. When you are part of the legal hearings, the money eventually will be given back to you! If you violate the rule, you will be charged guilty of the same and have to pay a penalty amount.

How can you fix the bail amount?

Every country has its own “bail schedule,” which is a bail amount glossary. Here you get to see the bail amount for every crime, generic or severe. A criminal with a lousy record might not get the bail sanctioned. It’s because the court doesn’t want a dangerous criminal to be out on the loose. Most places have a Felony Schedule that offers generic suggestions on bail depending on the maximum jail time for a crime as and when the defendant gets arrested.  

A person arrested for any felony crime will get a three years jail time doled out to them! The bail amount for the same is approximately $20,000. The judge will evaluate other factors that can minimize or maximize the bail amount.

What factors can hinder bail approval?

There are many reasons for which the court rejects the bail. Some of the vital factors that can hinder a bail amount approval are:

  • If a criminal is a “flight risk.”
  • The public safety issues related to the custody release
  • The weapons that got used in the crime scene
  • The previous criminal record
  • The presence of illicit drugs in the crime scene
  • The severity and the nature of the crime

The court fixes the exact bail amount for thefts, crimes, accidents and more. And it varies from one place to the other. It also differs from one criminal case to the other. To decide on your bail amount, get in touch with an ace bail bond company or agent, and get the best legal guidance.