Sometimes, you may receive an invitation to an event which states the dress code is smart casual or semi-formal. All of these terms can be a little confusing, when planning your outfit and going shopping. You aren’t alone in this confusion. Hence, articles like this provide solid guidelines to help those left wondering. 

What Is Semi-Formal Attire? 

Even though it’s not commonly used, semi-formal refers to simply wearing smarter and fancier clothes then you would do to work. However, it’s not as fancy as formal wear that would require you to wear an evening dress or fancy suit or tuxedo. 

You may find that your homecoming dance has this type of dress code and won’t be too formal but it’s down to your school. Other events such as weddings or fine dining restaurants may require this dress code too. If you are planning for homecoming then it might be a good idea to start thinking about semi-formal homecoming dresses.

How To Plan Your Outfit

It’s actually really flexible as it’s a cross between formal and casual. Some examples of this for women’s outfits are: 

  • Women could go with something fitting material wise such as silk or satin but in a formal style. This type of material isn’t something you would normally wear to work but at the same time can appear in many casual styles of clothing and still deliver a touch of elegance. 
  • It can incorporate a fancy top with a nice pair of jeans and some heels/strappy sandals for instance. Anything that sparkles with accents and accessory wise can also be worn for this type of event. However, you do want to be careful and not overdo it and look too formal so always reassess your outfit as you go. 

If You’re A Teenager

If you’re a teen or pre-teen, then the age and the type of event you are going to ultimately will decide how you plan your outfit. For example, a girl may require a dress for a dance or birthday party. Someone going to an end of school dance or prom may just prefer a shorter dress and accents of glitter.

If your gown does have glitter and sparkles, though, just be aware of your shoes and accessories. Putting in too much glam can bring up the formal tone and you want to remain as within the realms of smart-casual as possible. 

What About Guys? 

Men should keep it simple and wear darker suits with a casual shirt for something semi-formal. A blazer, jeans and a nice pair of suede shoes can also add nicely to the overall look of being smart but not too smart. 

As you can see there are plenty of options once you get started and consider the possibilities with smart casual wear.