Since having kids, I started being much more aware about the foods I was purchasing, and everything in our home.  Over the years I have become a label-reader and learned a lot about the products we use.  One of the things we try to make a good effort with is purchasing organic products.  Organic Valley is an organic farmer-owned food cooperative, and as a company, their goals are the kinds of things I look for when we choose products – like being better for you, the animals, and the earth.

Choosing organic dairy products is important to us, and even better are grassfed dairy products.  For cows with a grain-free, grass fed diet, milk they create is richer in nutrients (like CLA and omega-3) – perfect for our vegetarian family.  I have two daughters, and the last thing I want to do is give them dairy products from animals that are given synthetic hormones and antibiotics.

I think it is important to look for products that are healthier and have more nutrition, especially when it comes to kids.  I like to be more aware when I shop now, and I appreciate the grassfed products from Organic Valley.  Plus not only do they put thought into their farms, but the farmers and the environment.

Our average herd size is just 72 cows.  Most factory farms have herds with thousands of cows. When herds are small, each cow gets more attention and more TLC.

By forgoing chemicals in our fields, we keep everyone healthier, reduce harmful runoff and build living soil that actually takes more carbon out of the atmosphere.

Technically, cage free eggs could still come from chickens living in cramped industrial warehouses. (See? No cage!) But at Organic Valley, our chickens are free range, and organic, which means organic feed only, no antibiotics, and freedom to roam outside in good weather. We even go beyond organic standards to provide extra outdoor space for foraging and exercise, more room for perching indoors, and guaranteed shade outside for the hot summer months. 

We have been on a Mexican food kick lately, so the kids went right for the Organic Valley Mexican Blend cheese that I bought.  We make a lot of Taco Salad, which is a great way to get in some salad.

Grass Fed Organic Valley

The kids also love making their own quesadillas, which is a hearty part of their meal that is great before sports practices or meets.

Organic Valley

Milk is a part of our daily routine, whether we start off the day with some cereal or some overnight oats.  For dinner, we often use milk for making mac and cheese or other pasta dishes (like alfredo), or we do some baking.

Organic Valley grassfed milk

I highly recommend learning more about Organic Valley, because there are so many great things about their products, and they have quite a few items in their product line, from cheese to yogurt, milk, butter, eggs, and more.  We care about the environment, how farm animals are treated, and the health of our family, and Organic Valley shares those same values.

Organic Valley

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