It is the weekend and you are looking for something exciting to do. Don your detective cap and take your seat at a mystery dinner theater. While you dine, you become interactive with the actors while trying to solve a fictional murder. Not only do you get your brain going trying to solve the puzzle, you get to enjoy a delicious meal and make new friends. What can you do to get the full benefit of the experience? Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind while searching for who dun it. There also kits that allow you to put one on in your own home.

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Get Into Character

When you sign up for a murder mystery dinner theater, you should find out the theme of the party. It can be a particular decade or location. Why not dress the part? Wearing a costume to the florida dinner theaters adds to yours and the other diners experience. Also, be sure to play along with actors if they come to your table. Blend in with them and you may become part of the show.

Get Up and Go

You are here to solve a mystery and you must search for evidence. Between the courses that are served to you, get up from your seat and look for the clues. They will be hidden throughout the theater for the participants to examine. Remember that some will be in plain sight to throw you off the scent of the murderer. Searching with others in the theater can lead to great fun and laughs as you try to piece the puzzle together.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

The salad has been set on the table and you are certain it is the butler. Before you make an accusation, double and triple check the clues. The mystery represented in the performance has been designed to carry through all the courses. You can feel like a real-life sleuth as you re-examine all the details behind the case.

Let Justice and Dessert Be Served

Instead of going it alone, partner up with the others at your table to solve the mystery. Snag a partner or two to sweep the room for clues then reconvene to compare notes over the entree then share the information that you found. You might be the group to crack the case. Even better you will make new friends and memories with them that will last a lifetime.