Everyone wants to plan their dream wedding! Right from the wedding destination, engagement ring to the wedding reception menu – everything needs proper planning. One of the most essential elements of the wedding decor is the wedding tablecloth. And it is essential that you select it in sync with the other decorations as well the wedding theme.  

Today, there are many online tablecloth suppliers from where you can opt-in for your wedding tablecloth linens. You can also get the best products from table cloth factory outlets and the like. Matching it with your wedding theme might seem like a challenge. Here are a few pointers that might help.  

Wedding Bride Groom Flowers
  • Romantic wedding theme

If yours is a love marriage, this is the apparent theme that you can opt-in for! You can either choose an elaborate banquet space or massive hall for the same. This wedding decor is all about mood and ambient lighting, flower walls, calligraphy wall hangings, chandeliers, paste shade curtains and the like. Ideally, the dressing is going to be classic and traditional. One of the best tablecloth fabrics for this wedding is the satin tablecloth. You can use small, delicate embellishments and motifs if you want.

  • The alternative wedding decor

It is all about the bride who has never followed convention! She is offbeat and follows her pulse. And this is where you can blend tradition with new age and alternative wedding theme. You can make use of moody and cool color palettes. You can also include vibrant flowers, message boards, creative stand-ins and many more. With this wedding theme, you can be completely experimental. Use cotton wedding tablecloth if you choose this wedding theme. You can experiment with other leaf and flower motifs and the centerpiece on the table.  

  • Bohemian wedding decor

If you always wanted to push the boundaries of imagination for your wedding decor, say yes to the bohemian theme. This wedding decor is inspired by the gypsy lifestyle and includes many creative decorative items. You can use customized curtains, dream catchers to customized tablecloths with your message printed on it. One of the best fabrics to select here is polyester because it’s durable. Since you will say yes to many experimentations, it’s good to choose a lasting wedding polyester tablecloth. You can select the color you like. Ideally, the vibrant shades of pink, blue and lilac will suit perfectly.

  • The vintage wedding decor

Some couples want to get their inspiration from the vintage era! And you can select your wedding gown and wedding reception in the classic vintage style. Choose antiques and traditional motifs. You can also say yes to the wooden seats, weather doors and ensure that there is a traditional table decor as well. Here you can choose either a satin or a cotton wedding tablecloth. Both are well suited for the purpose. You can use ribbons and antique centerpieces as well.

These are some of the popular wedding themes that you can select from. There are several other themes such as barn wedding, destination wedding or the beach wedding. Each wedding decor will demand a separate tablecloth fabric. You can ask your wedding planner to suggest it accordingly.