Father’s Day is just around the corner, so you had better get ready! Dads are notoriously hard to buy for, but with a little thought, you can get the father in your household something he’s always desired.

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No matter what your budget or your man’s tastes, this list of good ideas for Father’s Day should help you pick out the perfect present. Here are 25 ideas to suit every dad.

1. Wine

Whether he is a collector or just likes to relax at the end of the day with a nice goblet, Daddy deserves a beautiful bottle of wine for his special day.

Choose a full-bodied Cabernet, Merlot or Chardonnay for your guy and enjoy it with him in a peaceful nook or pretty picnic spot. You both will appreciate it!

2. A Trip

Dad probably works hard and would appreciate a little time away from his everyday cares and worries. Look into weekend getaways, like a beach cottage or a mountain cabin. Maybe he would like to go into the city for a cultural outing?

If you have the time and the money, plan a special excursion for Father. If India or Honolulu have been on his bucket list, present him with a surprise airline ticket!

3. Funny Socks

No one said that all Father’s Day presents have to be serious or expensive. A pair of funny socks may give him a chuckle, not to mention fill the need on special occasions when a bit or sartorial humor is necessary.

4. Dinner at His Favorite Restaurant

A night out may not be an original present, but that doesn’t mean Dad won’t enjoy chowing down on his favorite meal. Invite his pals for a big party, or keep it in the family. The memories of a great night out with his favorite people will be a memory that he will never forget.

You can even embarrass him with a rousing song like “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow.”

5. Underwear

Again, undies may not be exciting or original but they are necessary and also, probably not the kind of thing that your father remembers to pick up on a regular basis.

Get him some sleek designer briefs in a range of manly colors. Or throw in a pair of polka dotted boxers for some comic relief.

6. A Great Grill

The stereotypes are true: part of becoming a dad is developing an uncanny affinity for outdoor grilling. Even guys who have never set foot in a kitchen before eventually become enamored of cooking meat over a hot flame.

You can purchase a small hibachi type stove if you live in an apartment or have limited space. Or splurge on a big shiny Weber! Throw in some barbeque utensils for good measure.

If you are worried that his cholesterol may go up with too much seared red meat, educate him on some healthy BBQ alternatives to the same old hot dogs and hamburgers.

7. Single Malt Scotch

A small drought of the smoothest malt whiskey from the Highlands of Scotland is a sophisticated gift for the man in your life.

You can even get him some high end, specially-distilled Irish whiskeys, bourbons or special tequilas. Encourage him to indulge in moderation, so he remembers his special day!

8. Camping Equipment

If your father loves the great outdoors, maybe a new tent and other camping gear is an ideal present for him. You can give him a gift certificate to L.L. Bean,  or you can choose some of the latest high tech offerings to keep him safe and connected even in the wilderness.

Of course, accompanying him to sleep under the stars will be his greatest gift.

9. Steaks

If he already has a grill and has cleared out the freezer, help him stock up on some fine cuts of meat like filet mignon or prime rib from. Get them delivered straight to his door by distributors who buy from reputable companies like Omaha Steaks or Lobel’s of New York.

10. Cigars

Dad shouldn’t smoke, but he may occasionally treat himself to a special Cuban cigar. Rules have relaxed about acquiring this once hard-to-get product, so order a few for a Father’s Day puff.

11. An Electric Drill

Lots of dads enjoy fixing things around t the house, so a high-quality tool might be just up his alley. An electric drill makes tough jobs easier and makes a satisfying sound while you’re at it.

Everyone in the house benefits when Dad has the best equipment available to keep things working smoothly.

12. Cool Shirts

Some dads are fashionistas! They like to look cool, and you can help by giving navy men’s shirts and other chic items as Father’s Day presents. No Dad jeans here!

13. A Turntable

Vinyl is back in a big way, and Dad may enjoy getting out his old Pink Floyd and Led Zepplin records. You can pick up a fun portable turntable which plays his old records, and also converts them to MP3s.

14. Swimming Trunks

Your father may forget that last year’s swimsuit needs new elastic, or that no one wears Speedos any more. Get him ready for summer in a bathing suit that fits his lifestyle and body. Everyone will be grateful.

15. A Cozy Robe

How about keeping Poppa warm and cozy in the mornings in a soft, cuddly robe? He can watch the sun come up and read the paper on the porch in peace in fleece, cotton or flannel wrap in plaid or solid colors.

16. A Bicycle

Bicycling is a great sport, with low impact on aging joints. It can give Dad an excellent cardio workout while appealing to his need for speed and appreciation for high tech. Many new bikes are marvels of engineering, combining lightweight construction with precision technology.

17. Classic Books

Hemingway, Faulkner, Melville. Is Dad a fan of the literary greats? Or maybe he prefers John Grisham and Stephen King for his bookish escapes.

Get him a few books for a long-lasting and enjoyable Father’s Day gift.

18. Cashmere Scarf

Another wonderful idea for Father’s Day is a beautifully made scarf in the finest cashmere. In deep jewel tones and the softest wool imaginable, he will look classy and stay warm on weekends in the country or over a suit out on the town.

19. Pajamas

Matching pajamas for the whole family are a hoot, and you can get them with funny patterns or even with feet! Dad will get a kick out of eating breakfast with the whole clan all clad in the same cuddly Pjs.

20. Pipe Tobacco

Like cigars, we don’t want to encourage Poppy’s bad habits, but in case you want to give him a forbidden treat a fine strain of pipe tobacco may be just what he has dreamed of. 

There are lots of variations available, from Turkish tobacco to a range of flavors like cherry and vanilla. Visit your local smoke shop to research which brand might be most pleasing to your father.

21. Painting Set

It is never too late to pick up a hobby or explore one’s creative side. Give Daddy the opportunity to stretch his creative muscles with a watercolor kit, brushes and an easel.

22. Fishing Pole

It may be another stereotype, but many guys like to go out on a quiet lake or on a boat and cast a line into the water. A new pole will bring a smile to his face. He can then instruct you for hours on the benefits of different tackles and reels.

23. A Fire Pit

Cavemen liked to gather around glowing embers, and modern man is no different. He may be teaching the grandchildren how to cook smores or arguing with his brothers about politics, but sitting around a fire is an age-old rite.

You can find reasonably priced and attractive fire pits at home improvement stores like Lowe’s, so Daddy can ponder the flames to his heart’s content.

24. Back Massager

If your father has worked hard all of his life, in the fields or in the office, he may occasionally suffer from a sore lumbar or stiff neck. A heated back massaging pad which he can use at home or in the car brings divine relief to aching muscles.

25. Photo of You

Dad’s most precious gift is his family. If you live far away or cannot visit as often as you would like, frame a beautiful family portrait so Dad can see you all the time. You can create a family collage of pictures showing everyone over the years.

The memories these photos will elicit will give your dear relative joy on Father’s Day and one every day of the calendar year.

Good Ideas for Father’s Day: Whatever Makes Him Happy

There are a million possible gifts for your dad on his special day, so you will be hard pressed to choose just one! For good ideas for Father’s Day, just think about what puts a smile on his face.

For more fun suggestions on making Father’s Day and all the holidays perfect, check out our blog.