If you have been planning your wedding for a long time, you might be at the stage when you are thinking about writing your wedding vows. You will have to make the most out of your time and brainstorm the best ideas that will not only impress your partner, but also your guests. There are  a few things you will have to take into consideration when it comes to the length and style of your vows. It has to fit in the theme and be related to the special relationship you and the love of your life have. Below you will find a few pointers to help you get started.

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Your Venue and Wedding Theme

It is important that you consider the setting for your wedding wow, as well as the audience. You would probably not want to mention certain things in a 5-star hotel, but they are perfectly acceptable at a pub-style wedding. If you are going for the glamour and luxury, you will have to use more sophisticated language, and tailor the speech to the setting. While, if you want a laid-back wedding, you might want to create a funny speech your family members and friends will remember.

Your Partner’s Style

It is also a good idea to tailor your vows to your partner’s. He might not want to share it with you just yet, but he can give you some ideas of what to expect. This means that you can match each other’s way of communication and look like a couple who are on the same wavelength. You can also avoid mentioning the same things twice and boring your audience. You should always discuss the vows well before the wedding, so you know in advance what to expect.

The Place You Met

Before you sit down and start writing your wedding vows, it might be a good idea to take a trip down memory lane. You want to remember the time when you fell in love and celebrate the moment during your wedding day. If you have a wedding planner, you might want to ask them to create a slideshow of some of the early pictures you have been treasuring all those years, so you can feature them in your speech or during your vows.

The Journey You Had

It is also a good idea to reflect on the journey you had together. Focus on the good times you created and the difficulties you have managed to overcome together. This will show your true commitment in front of your audience, as well as to your partner. You will have to make a promise based on what you value in the other person, and what you are looking to help them achieve in the future. You are entering a new phase of life together, so you have to stand by each other’s side, no matter what.

The Best Moments of Your Relationship

If you would like to make your wedding vows interactive, you can create a simple video featuring the best moments of your relationship. Include that dinner when he proposed, the time you met, the first holiday you had, and the cozy moments on the sofa. Show your appreciation for them being in your life, and pledge to create even more memories like the ones you had. If your partner took the time and effort to shop around for Tacori engagement rings, make sure that you mention this in your speech.

How He Makes Your Life Better

Before you start writing your wedding vows, it might be a good idea to sit down with a piece of blank paper and list all the things that he does for you. This will help you write about how having your partner by your side makes your life easier, more enjoyable, and happier, and how much you appreciate the little or big things he does for you.

The Road Ahead

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Apart from the past and present, you will also have to focus on your future with your partner in your vows. If you have talked about where and how you would like to live, you will have to mention how much you are on the same page. If you are planning to have a family soon, explain how much you are looking forward to it.


Many people struggle with writing their wedding vows. Focus on the above areas, and you will come up with an inspirational speech that will not leave they eyes of your audience dry.