Brady Rymer

I received this album in exchange for my honest review.

We have been fans of Brady Rymer and the Little Band that Could for years, and my daughter even got to meet Brady Rymer at a meet and greet after a concert a couple years ago!  We were excited to learn that this May 17th, Rymer is releasing his 10th album, “Under the Big Umbrella”.  It is always nice to have some new family-friendly music to listen to.

Brady Rymer

Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could are three-time GRAMMY nominees, and to be expected, deliver great songs on this new album!  Under the Big Umbrella embraces so much positivity, from diversity to kindness.  The music is warm and upbeat, and the lyrics are welcoming, with a plethora of good messages.

Under the Big Umbrella starts off with its self-titled track, celebrating everyone and all of our differences.  In a world where we are often faced with unpleasant things, it is nice to have messages of inclusion.

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“You Can Get It If You Really Want”, and is a great example of how this album encourages kids to reach for their goals and achieve what they want, whatever that may be, and despite any obstacles.

I feel like the whole album shines with good vibes, between the cheerful, engaging tunes and uplifting words.  This is the kind of children’s music I enjoy listening to alongside my kids, and has such a happy quality with a music style that adults can enjoy too.

There are 12 great tracks on this album:

  1. Under the Big Umbrella
  2. You Can Get It If You Really Want
  3. The Smile Shop
  4. Drop in the Bucket
  5. Don’t You Push Me Down
  6. I’m Coming Out
  7. Different Is Beautiful (Like a Rainbow)
  8. With a Little Help from My Friends
  9. Stick Up Stand Up
  10. Different Is Beautiful (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)
  11. You Do You
  12. Thank You for Being You
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