When you’re invited to a wedding, there’s often an overwhelming assortment of gift options. Narrowing down the selection can be time-consuming and frustrating, even if there is a gift registry at the nearest store. After all, the new couple may really need a blender, but it isn’t an overly exciting or personal present. Avoid giving a generic gift by following these tips to put together a memorable, and wonderfully personal, gift basket.


1. Think of a good reason to include each item.

If the gift recipient won’t use potpourri and candles, don’t just through them in as fillers when you make up a spa basket. Each item that goes into the basket must be something the couple will use. This simple step can help you avoid giving a gift that just takes up space while ensuring a pleasant reminder of you as the gift-giver whenever the item is used.

2. Personalize the contents of the basket.

Does the couple love a specific vacation destination? Maybe they have a favorite type of music, or they’re well-known for their love of the arts. Use the things you know about the couple to enhance the feelings associated with your gift. If they love The Bahamas, for example, you might put together a basket of bathroom essentials with seashell details, guava- or pineapple-scented lotions, wood carvings, and batik-themed shower curtains.

3. Don’t overlook the small things.

Back in the day before gift registries, it wasn’t uncommon for couples to end up with stacks of dish towels and not a single toaster or vice versa. If you’re putting together a kitchen tool basket, don’t overlook the little necessities, such as a bottle of dish soap and a scouring pad, a couple of paring knives, or matching aprons. The little details of the basket can ramp up the memorability of the basket.

4. Give something of yourself.

It doesn’t hurt to round out your gift basket with something handmade or a trinket you own that the recipient will love for your sake. The symbolic value of these gifts is often much higher than the actual cash value. These final touches can really transform a no-frills basket into something the couple will never forget.

Some gift-givers want to acknowledge their relationship with the bride or groom through their gift. One way to satisfy the needs and wants of the couple, as well as creating a gift that is personal, is to put together a gift basket. Make it wonderful with these simple tips.