Australia has some of the world’s best wildlife touring options at many destinations ranging from Melbourne through Phillip Island including a fine stop at the Animal Park and Maru Koala. You can confront kangaroos and koalas and before reaching to the Phillip Island, which is home to many sea birds, penguins, and fur seals. Some activities to consider while explore Australian wildlife at best are as below.

Wallabies Australia

Watch saltwater crocs

You feel the thrill of your forearm hairs raising when you first lay your eyes on the ridged back of the giant crocodiles of the Northern Territory. You will see these gigantic reptiles slowly and noiselessly swim through the clear waters. They move as gently as by causing only minor ripples, and you will see they slide calmly beneath the surface.

Snorkel with turtles

You may explore a snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef coral gardens, where you may feel like the mask you wear is not big enough. You can see the sea turtles flit through clear aquamarine waters. You are likely to encounter them along with all snorkelling trails at this place. You can swim on your own or join a guided snorkelling safari. The eastern side lagoon is rich with sea life! If you haven’t snorkeled before, now is a great time to purchase some snorkeling gear and give it a try.

Smile at the wombats

If you are at Victoria after the dusk falls, then you can find the round, solid animals having short legs and twitching noses emerge from the dark.  These shy nocturnal creatures come out at dusk from their burrows and feed on grasses. You can often see them at the main beach, thumping heavily across the camping grounds. You can also see emus, kangaroos, rosellas, and echidnas also here.

Snap a selfie with quokka

You may find the quokkas of Western Australia as one of the cutest marsupials anywhere. They hop around happily off the Perth coast. Quokkas are not usually seen at other parts of the state. They are very socialising in nature and may pose for your selfies too if you get along well with them. Check Instagram, and you will see many celebrities like Martin Clunes and Hugh Jackman have posted their snap with quokkas.

Come face-to-face with great white sharks

Cage diving is an exciting activity for the thrill seekers at Adventure Bay Charters at Port Lincoln. You will be put in a cage which will go underwater where you can face the great white sharks powering towards the dangled meat portions in front of your eyes. The providers consider safety as their prime priority, but the adrenaline rush is still at the peak.

Australia has rich wildlife across the country, and the visitors can find many great packaged tours also to explore the top wildlife destinations here. However, it is ideal for preparing your travel plan well ahead of time to cover maximum destinations and enjoy the top fun and adventure activities at various places to enjoy complete wildlife touring experience.