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We have been enjoying music from the Lucky Diaz band for the past couple years, so it is always nice to see a new album come out.  Over the past few years, they have gotten numerous accolades and awards, including Emmy and Grammy awards!

Out April 5, 2019, “Buenos Diaz” is a collection of 11 new songs for listeners to enjoy.  This album has the same great energy and catchiness of their previous albums.

Buenos Diaz Album cover

This CD is produced by Lucky Diaz and his wife, Alisha Gaddis, who have been creating and performing music for many years.  They already have five award-winning recordings for families, and if you haven’t heard their music already, it is definitely worth checking out.  This is the kind of music I can enjoy alongside my kids!  And as a parent, I love that this album was inspired by their 3-year-old daughter, Indiana Maven.

This album is bilingual, and has a fun mix of sounds as well, from guitar to horns and percussion.  The variety of styles and instruments keeps the album interesting.  There is  a little bit of a futuristic theme built in to the album, with some touches of

Kids will find this album fun, between the bouncy energy and the song topics.  Track 3 is a very humorous story of the legend of “Nacho”.  Complete with character voices, kids will get a kick out of singing along with the “nacho cheese” lyrics!

Lucky Diaz

This album is fun and funky, without being too over the top.  As a parent, I recommend the Buenos Diaz album as the perfect music to enjoy with the kids!

Check out this fun music video about Mexican Sweet Bread!

Track listing

1. Buenos Dias
2. Wake Up
3. Nacho Song
4. Pan Dulce
5.  Como Se Dice
6. Zapatitos
7. Taco Tuesday
8. Mix It Up
9. El Corazon
10.  Estrellita
11.  El Sol Te Siga

Check out The Lucky Band at www.luckydiazmusic.com


“Buenos Diaz” CD (US Only)

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