I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

My daughter has seasonal allergies, and I hate seeing her so miserable.  She gets so congested, her nose is runny, and she feels exhausted.  As a parent, I often feel so helpless! One of the things that people have recommended to me is that I should get an air filter.  Highly-effective 3-in-1 air purifiers are a successful method to improve indoor air quality, relatives who are touchy to allergens, and different particles present in the air. This guide will help you to choose the best air purifiers for your home.

I ordered the Inofia Air Purifier on Amazon, and it arrived quickly with their free 2-day shipping.  Weather is a funny thing here in Upstate New York – you can literally have snow on the ground one day, and then a day or two later it is in the 60’s.  We find that spring allergies sneak up on us because the weather changes so much, and allergies seem to hit suddenly, so I was glad to get this quickly.

Inofia Air Filter

The air filter arrived ready to use.  To be honest I didn’t even have time to read the manual – we just got it plugged in and adjusted the fan level.  There is literally no assembly required.  You simply plug in the device, turn it on, and adjust the fan speed as desired.

While it is not particularly heavy, it does have wheels, and there are two cutouts on the side for easy lifting or moving.

Inofia Air Purifier

We have had our Inofia Air Filter for a couple weeks now, and we love it.  This device can filter a room up to 1056 sq ft., so we keep it in my daughter’s bedroom. 

Inofia Air Purifier

Since allergens can settle on surfaces (like pollens, if you leave the windows open), I no longer open up the windows in her bedroom.  This device could filter about half our house, so I may end up moving it around if need be.  Otherwise I do run it with the door open.

The buttons are very easy to read and use.  I also like the bright LED panel on the front, which is also easy to read. The display tells you about your air quality, fan speed, etc.

The Inofia Air Filter is actually WiFi enabled, so you can use their app to control it as well.

Inofia Air Purifier

The Inofia Air Filter makes a gentle noise, which I would say is just like a regular fan.  At fan speed #1, it is very quiet, and at maximum speed (#5), it is much louder.  However, we all like white noise when we sleep, so it is not an issue for us.

I do think this product has helped improve our indoor air quality, and I think my daughter has been sleeping better at night.  In addition to this air filter, we keep our cats out of her room, vacuum frequently, and wash bedding often – all together keeping allergens to a minimum.  Also remember that things like pollens stick to your hair, so it is a good idea to wash your hair before bed so that it is not on your pillows and bedding (as it will certainly end up transferred to your face).

This product has a 60 days money back / exchange guarantee, as well as a 24-month. warranty.

Check it out on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2IjBCal