We try to be as eco-friendly as possible in our household, and I love getting gifts that are eco-friendly.  These are some of my favorites and things that make for great gifts for Mother’s Day or other gift-giving occasions.

Eco-friendly Gifts for Moms

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Tote bags / reusable bags

There are so many great tote bags and other reusable bags out there, and more and more states are putting a plastic bag ban into effect.  It is nice to have some quality reusable bags, and you can even find ones like reusable produce bags. Consider getting tote bags in bulk which will have your mom a variety to choose from.

Houseplant, potted plants for the garden, or even a tree

Instead of buying cut flowers, buy mom something she can keep in the house or plant outside.  Houseplants, perennials, and trees can last for many years to come and make for a thoughtful gift.

Seeds or bulbs

If mom is a gardener, some nice seeds or bulbs are something she can enjoy planting.  Bulbs can be expensive, so it is a treat to get a nice bulb as a gift.

Reusable travel mug / water bottle

While many of us already have reusable drinking containers, I do find that I have some that were broken or lost over the years. A nice stainless water bottle like a Hydroflask or the popular Stanley Tumbler is a lovely gift idea.

Bird bath, birdhouse, butterfly house, bee house, etc.

Things that attract wildlife and pollinators are a great addition to your yard, and a bird bath fountain is be a great way to bring birds and other wildlife.

Bath bombs on a counter

Natural bath products

So many products out there have chemicals and are not eco-friendly.  Treat mom to some nice bath products that are both good for her and good for the environment!

Recycled paper notepad or journal

Maybe mom is a list-maker like myself, or likes to write in a journal.  Having some paper on hand is always useful, and there are lots of great recycled paper products out there, from recycled journals to note cubes.  Decomposition notebooks are a cute choice!

Gardening supplies

If mom is an avid gardener, chances are she might like some gardening supplies to make her yard a sanctuary for birds and pollinators.  Garden gloves are almost always a safe bet for a gardener.  She may like a new pair of clippers, a knee pad for kneeling on, some garden clogs, etc.

Organic/sustainable tea or coffee

A lot of food products are not sustainable.  Find some organic loose tea or sustainable coffee as a treat!

Shop local

Don’t forget to shop local when looking for eco-friendly gifts.  Support your local artisans and farmers, and you’ll find great local products like foods, soaps, etc.