On average, we check our phones every 12 minutes. We’re all guilty of it, whether to catch up on social media or read a text. But sometimes it’s for something as simple as checking the time.

Why use your phone when you could break the habit with classy watches? The kind that makes a statement with their eye-catching features?

They’re beautiful, functional, and feel great against your skin. Much nicer than an everyday phone.

Still unconvinced? Check out some of the best watches and best watch straps!


1. Cape Cod

The first thing you’ll notice about this Herm├Ęs classic is the vivid blue strap. The calfskin leather is supple and soft. The color looks beautiful and bright, cheering up even the gloomiest of days.

The dial itself is a mother-of-pearl style that catches the light with a smooth sheen. The face takes a minimalistic approach, with only four written numbers and embedded gems to take the place of the rest.

Its petite size makes for a delicate accessory without weighing down your wrist. The Cape Cod ranks high on any list of best Swiss watches.

2. Venturer Big Date

This watch takes a simplistic approach and amplifies it tenfold. The watch has a clean design with gold accents and no written numbers to distract from its beauty. The smooth leather band feels luxurious to the touch.

To match these warm tones, the watch dial is a rich brown that looks as good as melted chocolate.

It’s the perfect match for anyone with a sweet tooth. Every time you look at the dial, it’ll remind you of your favorite chocolatey treats.

The makers, Moser & Cie, are a smaller brand name. This means that this watch is more unique amongst its peers. This is the watch for you if you’re looking for something lesser known.

3. Miss Audrey

Ocean colors rule the design of this Bovet watch. The cool blue has a hint of green that brings to mind deep ocean waters.

Smooth and deep blue, the strap is soft without any extra design elements. It gets the job done without detracting from the star of the show: the dial.

The light-weight dial has an intricate spirograph-like pattern that draws the eye. Instead of numbers, embedded gems sit in their place. Matching gems encircle the entire arrangement.

The hands are thin silver, made into a wavy design that only further brings ocean beauty to mind.

This dial is a masterpiece so beautiful, Bovet made it possible for it to switch into other things. It switches from a wristwatch to a pocket watch and even a pendant watch.

4. Heritage Holborn

Warmth emanates from this watch, with its gold-plating and crimson dial. Henry London went all out when designing this beautiful watch, as it looks amazing without breaking the bank.

There’s an intricate pattern on the gold-plated strap, similar to delicate leaves on a vine. There’s a jewelry clasp at the ends, giving a smooth transition from one part to the other.

The dial is a deep crimson color with bold gold notches to keep time. There’s a handy section on the dial to keep track of the date as well.

5. Triomphe

Bringing contrast to new heights is this Cluse wristwatch. Black and rose gold work together to make a design that looks distinct.

Simplistic but stunning, the dial is a stark black. It uses only 4 rose gold notches to indicate the time, with matching rose gold hands.

An eye-catching striped pattern adorns the metal strap, alternating between rose gold and black. When worn, this pattern looks a lot like a collection of smaller bracelets. The black dial turns into the centerpiece of this trendy accessory.

6. Kalparisma Nova Galaxy

Looking for something with class and personality? This is the perfect match for you.

The gorgeous dial catches your attention in an instant, with its starry sky design and funky bold numbers. The background is a deep blue with copper accents to imitate stars with a larger 6-pointed star at the bottom. The numbers have curve and pizazz in their rose gold font, with hollow arrow hands to match.

Surrounding the dial are gems that look much like real-life stars and bring an extra sparkle to the entire look.

The strap is a cracked leather in a rich dark-blue shade that matches the rest of the watch. It gives an extra bit of texture without taking away from the stunning beauty of the dial.

7. White Dial Silver Mesh

Although its name is not much more than a quick description, don’t judge it too soon.

This clean design makes a stunning addition to anyone’s collection. It’s one of the best budget watches around.

This Olivia Burton watch uses white and silver to go for a true and classy design. Instead of calling attention to itself with bright and bold elements, it takes a subdued approach that is still as successful.

The dial itself has a white background with rose gold notches in place of numbers. The hands are the same rose gold material, thin and elegant as they move around.

The stainless steel strap has a pattern that looks like tiny beads that wrap around your wrist. It gives some extra texture and interest to the simplistic design. But that simplicity is what makes this watch so special.

Another nice aspect of this watch is that it has some water resistance. You won’t need to worry too much when washing your hands and getting droplets on the material. Keep from submerging the watch, however, as it is only water resistant, not waterproof.

Classy Watches Suit Every Occasion

The luxurious watches listed above go beyond any normal watch. They look more like a beautiful bracelet than a timepiece. The bonus is that they’re also useful and you’ll feel more in the moment than if you were checking your phone all the time.

Classy never goes out of style. All of your favorite classy watches pair up with every outfit for every occasion without ever looking out of place.

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