We have always been a household of pets, and over the years we have had quite the menagerie, from hermit crabs to cats!

My older daughter had rats for years, and then decided to get a guinea pig.  For Christmas a few years ago, she got to pick out her own guinea pig.  As soon as she saw this piggy, she knew she wanted her!  We have now had Nutmeg for a couple of years.

Chewy Nutmeg

Nutmeg is a feisty guinea pig, and she is a lot of fun.


My younger daughter has had several hamsters over the years, and last year, decided she was ready to move up to owning a guinea pig.

We decided to get a guinea pig over another pet, since hamsters aren’t always the most friendly, and also because they tend to move around a lot and aren’t great for sitting and holding.

We had most of the things we would need for the guinea pig, so we headed to the pet store in search of a female guinea pig.  We already have a female guinea pig and we are hoping to eventually introduce them – and we don’t want lots of baby guinea pigs!

After visiting several stores, we found a store with baby guinea pigs!  And that is how we ended up with Lavender.

Chewy Oxbow Timothy Hay

Lavender is a very sweet guinea pig, who loves to run around when we let her out.  She really seems to love attention.

Lavender Guinea Pig Ecotrition Log

The guinea pigs don’t live in the same cage, as my kids keep the guinea pigs in their own rooms. They are responsible for keeping the guinea pigs cages clean and feeding them.

If you have any guinea pig questions, let us know!