It’s vital to start your day afresh with some serious pest control measures. From rodents and squirrels to small insects, pests can pose some dangerous nuisance to your home. Apart from bringing some serious infestation problems, they can also cause some costly damages to your properties.

Since pests are mostly not solitary animals, seeing one could mean a bigger problem. Therefore, prevention is much better than cure. Preventing them earlier could exempt you from unnecessary charges like employing someone to deal with the problem. So here are the simple hacks for a clean and pest-free home shared to us by our friends at A-Jet Services.

Faucet kitchen water

  1. Keep the kitchen clean

Maintaining kitchen cleanliness should be your top priority because pests are normally attracted to food. Thoroughly clean your kitchen surfaces and don’t leave dirty dishes, leaf crumbs or food leftovers lying around. Also, apart from trashing out regularly, always ensure your counter is food-free.

  1. Conduct seasonal checks

Small cracks could be home to bugs, squirrels or even mice. Also, note that rodents take shelter in warm house areas like sheds or cracks during the winter season. Always conduct seasonal inspections in your home to look for cracks and repair them. Don’t forget to look for cracks at the edge of your windows and doors and seal them.  If you do find pests, Mr Pest Control can help you to rid of unwanted critters.

  1. Get rid of standing water

Standing waters in your property could be home to rodents and insects. This could also be home to mosquitoes which are very dangerous. Do not over-water your yard as these could also attract pests. Always inspect your gutters and plumbing for excess moisture.

  1. Clean the outdoors

Trimming back the trees and bushes could make your home look beautiful. Apart from this, some animals like raccoons and squirrels could access your roof using tree branches. Consider seeking the services of a tree trimming service in your area to keep out these pests.

  1. Keep tightly closed bins

Your trash can should be tightly lidded to keep out pests that could overturn it. These creatures like to stay where there is a stable source of food. However, using chemical insecticides could pose dangerous health problems to your family and pet. Here are some very effective home-made solutions to help rid your home of pests:

Solution 1: Get rid of cockroaches using bay leaves

These resilient creatures are very difficult to deal with. Place a shred of bay leaves around the house. Bay leaves produce a strong smell that cockroaches hate, forcing them to keep off the area.

Solution 2: Egg shells and garlic to repel lizards

Lizards could contaminate your food in the kitchen. Both egg shells and garlic work well to keep lizards away. Start by identifying a corner which is mostly frequented by lizards such as your kitchen window. Place some broken egg shell halves there. Alternatively, you could place garlic pods. The strong smell from garlic pods will repel them.

Solution 3: Use soap and apple cider vinegar for fruit flies

If fruit flies are a constant nuisance in your kitchen counter, don’t lose hope. These stubborn flies could contaminate your fruits and vegetables. Try this hack:

  • Mix water, apple cider vinegar and detergent soap in a bowl.
  • Use a cling film with a few holes to cover the bowl’s top.
  • Identify the place where the flies are the most and keep the bowl there.
  • The flies will get attracted to the smell and once they enter the bowl, death is inevitable.

In summary, implementing these hacks will not only repel these harmful pests but ensure that you do it in a safe manner. You could also train your children to help you execute some of these measures.