As an adult, you can suffer from a number of issues related to your feet. It is common for people not have healthy feet when they become adults. The reason behind this is that parents do not select the ideal shoes for their kids or even have knowledge about the things that they should consider when purchasing shoes for the kids. In order to ensure the proper health of the feet of your child, it is crucial that you purchase an ideal pair of shoes.

Below is a list of the factors that you need to take into consideration when you are selecting a pair of shoes for your child.

Parents child

The age of your child

Age is known to play the most important role when you are considering the purchase of an ideal shoe. Babies are known to have soft bones.  The reason is that they have more cartilage, which fuse into adult bones over time. When selecting a pair of shoes for your infant, consider soft shoes. For your toddler, select shoes that have ideal insole cushioning so that their toes get enough space to move comfortably while providing support to the ankle.

For your growing child, you need to purchase shoes that are made up of breathable materials and are flexible. Also, lightweight shoes are going to be the best for them.

The size of the shoe

It is important that you keep checking the size of your child’s growing feet. You will want to check the size when the feet are largest, as they are more swollen at the end of the day. This will ensure that you are getting the ideal measurement. 

The material of the shoes

The shoes that you purchase for your kids have to be a lot different in comparison to adult shoes.  Also, the shoes need to be flexible, breathable, and even anti-bacterial.  It is essential to keep the feet dry so that bacteria do not grow, which can lead to smelly shoes and also stinky, unhealthy feet. Keeping this in your mind will help you to choose the right childrens shoes or toddler shoes.

Structure of the shoe

If you choose shoes that are structured properly, your feet are going to grow in a healthy manner. Young kids require flexible footwear – shoes that will allow them to move freely, but also provide balance as well as stability. Also, you need to choose a pair of shoes that are not going to hinder the growth of the foot.

Test the shoes

When you are purchasing a pair of shoes, ensure that you are taking your child along to the store. Fit testing is essential to understand whether the shoes that you are selecting are going to be appropriate for your growing child.


You cannot just select any and every pair of shoes for your kids. Ensure that you take care of the things that have been mentioned above so that you do not face any problem.