According to current trends, more than half of the population is using floor tiles. At some point or the other, each and every homeowner is going to face a similar question. The question is what they should be doing with their floors. Most people prefer wood flooring or carpeting. However, they are always confused about whether they should be using tiles for their floors. According to a number of experts, tiles are known to have a number of benefits that are associated. Tiles are cheap and attractive and can be installed easily, and they are also capable of making the house look beautiful. Given below is a list of the benefits that you should have sound knowledge about.

Kitchen tiles


Tiles are extremely resilient. Tiles are perfect for the places that have high traffic areas. It does not have great impact resistance; if you drop anything heavy on your tile floor, it is definitely going to crack.

Requires low maintenance

Since tiles are extremely durable, they do not require a lot of maintenance. It is true that you have to clean them like the other surfaces of your home, which are going to get dirty, but rigorous maintenance is not required. It is also suggested that you apply sealants on the tiles after every 5 years. Apart from that, you do not need to worry when you are thinking of keeping the tiles in a proper shape.


Another important benefit is that the ceramic tiles are extremely cost-effective and they are also the cheapest possible flooring surfaces, which are available. When you consider the cost associated with purchasing tiles as well as installing them, you will understand that you are spending money in the right place. However, you need to understand that on the basis of the kinds of tiles that you are selecting, the price can go higher. This is because there are high-end and expensive tiles present in the market.

Water resistant

Tiles have a protective layer, which is responsible for protecting them from stain penetration and also prevent them from any kind of damage that can be caused by water. This is an important reason as to why the tiles are used for flooring the bathrooms as well. In fact, tiles are resistant to humidity, which is going to make them appropriate for flooring the areas that are moist and hot.


Tiles are normally made of raw materials like clay, glass, and sand. These materials are combined with a number of other materials in order to form the ceramic tiles. They are also capable of affecting the personal environment by reducing the heat bills, by ensuring that your house is cool in summer and warm during the winter season. This is because tiles are capable of serving as one of the best forms of insulation.


Tiles can be extremely beneficial for your home as opposed to wood or carpet. Consider all the benefits that have been mentioned so that you can make the choice yourself.