Matcha is a special type of green tea. It is powdered, so you can expect its flavor to be very distinct and strong. Grown in special conditions, the stems and veins are removed just before the leaves are processed to become the fine green powder that the world knows.

Because of its earthy and umami taste, matcha is often added as an extra ingredient to lattes, cakes, icings, and other treats in order to tone down their sweetness and enhance their overall appeal to the palate. With this, who would believe that matcha can also be used to add a special aroma and kick to pork dishes?

But it can actually be done and it has been done! This article will present some recipes that make use of matcha as a special ingredient in pork dishes, making them extra exciting and, well, healthful. Matcha is known for its amazing health benefits, so why not add it to your dinner plate too?


Matcha-Coated Grilled Pork Belly with Native Filipino Sauce

Grilling is perhaps one of the most basic cooking techniques; it’s so easy that even a six-year-old can do it. All that you need to do is start a fire, put a grill over it, and then place the meat on top of the grill. After that, you literally just have to wait until the meat is cooked.

Grilling is the technique of choice of people who don’t have that much time or skill in the kitchen. But just because grilling is basic doesn’t mean that grilled dishes also have to be as plain. If you are going to grill pork belly, things will take a turn for the better when you become a bit more creative by rubbing matcha all over the meat before you grill it. The leafy powder will give your pork belly slices that divine toasty taste.

To add more Asian touch to this dish, pair your grilled pork with a simple sauce that comes straight out of the multi-cultural Filipino culinary tradition. Just make a simple concoction of vinegar, soy sauce, some minced onion, and tiny garlic slices, and you can already make a world of difference to your grilled pork and basically any other grilled meat. The sourness of the vinegar perfectly counters the fatty taste of the meat, while the saltiness of soy reinforces the already flavorful offers of the pork belly.

Baked Pork Loin with Matcha-and-Herbs Coat

If you have a bit more time, you can use the oven to make baked pork with an herby matcha twist. First, prepare your pork loin. If you are not familiar with meat cuts, you can just ask the butcher to prepare it for you right at the store. Next, make a mixture that is composed of matcha powder, olive oil, sage leaves, thyme, basil, salt, and a bit of garlic. Adding onions is optional. Thoroughly rub the mixture on the meat. Place the meat in a container, cover, and then chill for about an hour. After this, bake the whole thing on medium heat until cooked. This can take around 40 minutes to an hour.