There cant be a more romantic and epic road trip destination than the United States of America. Immortalized through countless movies and eulogized in the novels of countless excited writers and journalists, this vast and varied land is one of the most incredible to drive through. Youll pass through expansive deserts, by great lakes, rocky mountains and dry canyons on your journey through one of the worlds most breathtakingly astonishing countries. Its perfect for a family road trip – but there its a vacation thatll take some planning. Heres what youll need to bear in mind.

What to Drive

In general, its recommended that you undertake a road trip not in your own vehicle, but in a rental car. There are plenty of benefits of doing this.

For one, youll be able to secure a larger and more comfortable vehicle for your family to travel in – with more space for legs, luggage, and lounging.  Check out Car Rental Los Angeles to find the vehicle that best fits your family.

Second, youll not have to worry about clocking up mileage on your family car, and the costs associated with wear and tear.

And third, youll be able to do a straight-line road trip instead of a loop – dropping off your vehicle at an airport before flying back to your home city. Search for USA Car Rental options to secure your ride.

You may even want to consider party bus Fresno for your trip, which means no driving!

What to Pack

As well as what youd usually pack for a family vacation, there are some other essentials you should include on road trips to maximize your comfort and to make the most of the fact that youre able to pack a little more into your vehicle. Extra luxuries and essentials include:

  • Games and other distractions to keep the kids amused on longer drives
  • A cool box to keep drinks and other refrigerated items cool while you drive
  • Maps and map apps on your phone or tablet to keep you on the right track
  • A basic kit for car repairs – especially some oil, some water, and the gear to change a tire
  • Chargers and battery packs for your electronics so that youre always able to call for help if the worst comes to the worst

Pack efficiently into the trunk of your car so that the items youll need on the road are easily accessible when you pull over.

Where to Go

You should plan your trip largely around the fact that making up long distances in a car with children in the back seats can quickly turn from a dream to a nightmare. The fact is that children will grow impatient and restless if theyre not able to get out and walk around from time to time.

As such, you should try and plan your route so that youre not in the car for longer than two to three hours on any one stretch of your journey. Pass through towns, villages and cities as often as possible, and make sure that your children have stimulating and exciting things to look forward to at each and every stop – itll mean that parents and kids are both getting the most out of your US road trip.

Road trips in the USA are special, memorable events – and to make sure your family road trip is unforgettable, you should bear in mind the above tips.