Finding the time to take care of yourself and pursuing your own goals and dreams can be tough when you already have a lot to do at home. Being a mom means that there simply isn’t as much time to do all the things you wanted to – but, fortunately, there are ways to make it happen nonetheless these days.

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Even working moms should be able to find the time to pursue their own goals as long as they know where to start, how to find the balance, and what to prioritize. Here is a handful of ways to do exactly this so that you can get the career boost you need without feeling like you’re losing yourself in the process.

First: Go networking

Networking doesn’t have to mean that you need to attend boring events and talk to a bunch of people you’re not even that interested in, to begin with. Most people with a busy schedule do find it hard to network, though; when we hardly have time for our own friends, how are we supposed to go to networking events as well?

What they tend to forget, however, is that networking can happen at any time and without being a part of a formal event. Try to expand your professional network through social media, socialize a bit more with your co-workers, and get in touch with someone you know who is further up the career ladder.

They will probably be flattered if you approach them for advice, and most people are happy to help each other out as long as they don’t feel taken advantage of. The last part is the keyword here; offer to help them out in return, sharpen your listening skills, and focus on being interested rather than just being interesting.

Next: Boost your skills with an online degree

One of the many great things about technology and the Internet is the convenience and flexibility of it. You can take online classes these days and simply attend the webinars in order to get your degree – and it’s not that uncommon at all anymore.

Start by checking out this accredited online mba, for example, or another course in your field of study. There are a lot of different courses and degrees out there so you should be able to find something that can boost your career significantly and give you the push you need in order to get that promotion.

Taking classes online isn’t just a breeze, though, and you will need to be prepared to invest a bit of time in order to follow through with it. If you’re motivated and really want that degree, however, it will definitely be possible to complete it.

Create a schedule for yourself and designate a few hours of the day for studies; if you manage to squeeze this in every day, you should be able to follow through with it and, before you know it, your resume will have a serious boost.

It’s the kind of stuff that makes it a bit easier to feel like you have a life outside of your kids and your family and, of course, that you are achieving your own goals as well.  This also makes it easier for recruiters like Day Webster to sell your resume, in this case, it would be for nursing roles.