A master’s degree in business management is crucial for biz grads that are willing to make a mark by starting their careers on the right foot. When it comes to the two-year span, however, many aspirants hunt for something that is quick yet efficient at the same time. One can get a bachelor’s degree in 2 years, so why not master’s degree in a lesser time span? Either way, MBA is vital.

When it comes to managing people, professionals with MBA medal on their chest take away the prize—and why not? Masters of Business Administration in one’s own field makes them a master of their reins. Be it planning, people, policies or anything, an MBA brings along bags of both technical and practical experience. A perfect balance of science and art.

In this fast paced world, however, the two-year span means a lot. That is why Accelerated Online MBAs are taking the front seat with their speedy learning acumen and slick management that is as good as a traditional two-year MBA. If you are wondering who would win if there was a show-off between a Traditional MBA grad and an Accelerated MBA grad, well, they’ll share spoils and decide on what’s good for business.

We are going to learn about online accelerated MBA programs and figure out why skimming your MBA down to one year helps your career in remarkable ways.

The Difference

When it comes to accelerated online MBA, the only dissimilarity lies in duration of the course and the way things are tested. An accelerated online MBA is very much valued on the same page as a two-year traditional MBA. In many ways a fast-track online MBA degree can shoot your career to high places if you do it the right way. Let’s look at some ways how a traditional MBA is a whole lot different from an accelerated online MBA course.

How long does it take?

The duration of course is still the deal-breaker and the major distinction between an accelerated online MBA and a traditional one. Normally, traditional MBA degree is a two year affair, no matter which forte you opt for. Here is where things get interesting with an accelerated MBA as it can be completed in a less than a year’s span.

What’s the Workload?

This one’s pretty simple to answer- it’s all about the time in your hands. In case of a traditional MBA, students go through two full years of college which means they have enough time to cover all aspects of course. Be it networking with fellows or academic preps, traditional MBA gives you a lot of time.

This luxury, however, is not present in accelerated online MBA. The course is nearly same and workload of two years is juiced into one—which is quite a challenge for students. This is similar to getting a bachelor’s degree in two years rather than usually elongated time span, and students have to stay on their toes to make sure they don’t miss out on anything crucial.

The Degree’s Value

There is no difference in quality when it comes to comparing traditional MBA degree with accelerated one. The learning curve moves in same direction and the only thing that changes is speed. There is a misconception that an accelerated online MBA isn’t as valuable as a traditional one because it is “online” or it takes “just one year” to complete.

This is horribly wrong. In fact, an accelerated MBA is seen as a star-mark on one’s resume as it takes a bright mind to study a two-year course in one single year. Don’t fall for loose remarks as a traditional MBA and an accelerated online MBA hold same ranks.

Now that we know what differences exist between accelerated MBA and a two-year long traditional MBA, let’s delve into pros and cons of accelerated online MBA.

Accelerated MBA Pros & Cons

We are going to study about accelerated online MBA program in detail, so it is important to know both white and black. Let’s look at merits and demerits of accelerated online MBA program:


  • Fast-Track MBA: The best part of an accelerated online MBA is that the students can wrap up whole process and score the degree in a matter of months.
  • No Disruption: An accelerated online MBA is done in a matter of months, which means your career doesn’t get hampered from a two-year long edu-vacation. When you leave a job for traditional MBA, it means you are leaving many good opportunities—not a case with fast-track MBA.
  • Countless Opportunities: The amounts of possibilities are endless when you go for an accelerated online MBA. You can study literally anything in saved time—get yourself a new certification, internship, a side-gig, anything. One year is a big span of time that you save; make sure that you exhaust it productively.


  • Too Quick to Handle: An accelerated online MBA traverses at marvelous speeds while being steady at the same time. It is very hard to keep up with it and one missed deadline can lead to another, which might leave you in a vicious tornado of events.
  • Networking? Not-working: A traditional MBA gives you the luxury to break the ice with new contacts and develop connections in real life. In case of an Accelerated MBA that is online, your LinkedIn connections are the only thing you’ve got to show off.
  • Rigid: An accelerated online MBA takes up too much of your time, so if you have a family, an engrossing job or hectic work hours, accelerated online MBA might drain you out.

The Bottom-line

We’ve given you a thorough indication about the accelerated online MBA program. It’s great if you plan to save one year of your career and get an MBA degree in fastest way possible. Although it is deeply engrossing to the core, an accelerated online MBA is the way to go if you are up for a challenge.