Do you love to cook? Do you have licence to grill? There are many benefits to cooking. You get to spend time choosing a recipe, picking your ingredients, preparing your meal and to top it all off you get to eat something delicious that you’ve prepared from scratch, often sharing the pleasure with your close friends or family. But how many people are working in a kitchen using dated, blunt, or worn out culinary tools? You’d be surprised at how many people are selling themselves short by not using the best of the best. Today we’re going to take a look at upgrading the taste tech and updating your culinary setup. Let’s explore this a bit more.

Infrared Grills

No, this isn’t an episode of Star Trek. An infrared technology grill is the latest and greatest in culinary innovation. Infrared heat provides the same level of intense heat as red hot coals – without the wait needed to create these the old fashioned way. This makes for juicy, tender and delicious meat that will melt in your mouth. You can adjust the temperature to the nearest degree, meaning that you can cook anything from pizza at a low temperature to sizzling a perfect steak. This sort of grill also heats up in a fraction of the time that a regular BBQ would, leaving you more time to socialise and enjoy that beer or wine with your mates or family.

Knife Sets

So many people are using old, blunt and dodgy knives to prepare their food. This makes chopping up veggies or carving meat a tough chore and a frustrating experience. There’s a huge range of knife sets on the market these days – check out this helpful article for more ideas. If you’re a bit strapped for cash you can also purchase a sharpening block and give your current knife set a good seeing to – you’d be amazed at the difference that a freshly sharpened knife can make in the kitchen.

Bluetooth Thermometer

No, you didn’t read that wrong. Available on Amazon for a great price, the Weber iGrill Mini Bluetooth thermometer allows you to measure the temperature of the meat you’re roasting or grilling, ensuring that you serve it up at just the right time. There’s even an app that integrates with the tool, allowing you to cook like sci fi chef every time. Move over 1950, the future is here!

Digital Scale

This is the perfect addition for those who love to bake sweets as well as fry up a storm. A digital scale allows you to measure ingredients completely accurately, making sure that your cakes and muffins raise right each and every time. Some even are compatible with your smartphone, or are linked to recipe websites so that you’ll never run out of baking inspiration.

Tablet Mounting Stand

Do you use your iPad or Android tablet to check recipes and do a quick Google as you cook? Or perhaps you like to catch up on the latest Netflix show while you make the family dinner each night. To save your tablet from getting pasta sauce all over it, you can invest in a tablet stand that mounts to your cupboards or cabinets.

That’s a Wrap!

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to upgrading your culinary setup these days. You can choose an infrared grill for precision frying, or invest in a brand new knife set. Going digital a Bluetooth thermometer or a digital scale can give you the accuracy you need. Finally, mount your tablet in the kitchen for a spill and stress free experience.