Maternity photo shoots are probably one of the most beautiful and important photo shoots. Irrespective of whether you are deciding to click the photographs of the maternity clients outdoors or indoors, you need to know that some foolproof and beautiful poses can help in adding variety and beauty to the entire session. You can focus only on the beautiful baby bump and create memories that are worth looking back to. Proper tips for posing are capable of creating a huge difference between a good photo and an amazing photo. However, it is crucial that you have knowledge about the tips first.

Consider the list of the tips that have been mentioned below, which will help you to achieve the perfect maternity photos for your clients.


Picturing the mother alone

If you are taking photographs of both the mother and the father, you cannot forget to click photographs of only the mom. Getting perfect solid portraits of the mother while she is embracing her baby bump is going to make a tender and meaningful photograph. You should post her in numerous flattering manners so that you are able to create warmth and depth to one particular photograph. You need to put her at the angle of 45° from where your camera is. In this manner, you will be able to focus more on the baby bump. This is going to be extremely helpful when the bump is not very big.

Picturing the father with the belly

It is understandable that the bump is definitely the important focal point but this obviously does not mean that you will miss picturing the father. The best thing to do is ask the dad to kneel down, move closer to the baby bump, and place his hands on both the sides of the belly.

Another beautiful maternity pose is allowing the father to stand right behind the mother and place the hands on the mother’s belly. Try to take a close up shot of only the hands and the belly. If the father has any particular request or he has planned a special pose, allow him to do it.

Handing over accessories and props

Maternity photography is one of the most beautiful ways of capturing the excitement of the parents of meeting their little one soon enough. You can ask them to bring over accessories and photoshoot props and help them to pose with those so that the photography session becomes even more beautiful. For instance, if the parents are carrying tiny shoes along with them, you can photograph numerous beautiful poses along with those shoes.

Taking care of the wardrobe

It is one of the most important things to discuss the wardrobe that your client is going to select before the photography session. Keep in mind that the wardrobe offers the chance of making the poses more captivating and is also adding charm to the entire experience of the photography session.


All of your clients will want the perfect shots for their maternity photo shoot. Keep all the tips that have been mentioned above in mind and you will be able to take the best photos for them.