Entertainment has evolved over the years! Today, the new age audience has made a switch from the traditional televisions to apps like Kodi, that helps them to view their best videos and movies in both Android and iOS platforms.  Kodi is one of the top choices for most people, because of its unique features and other benefits. However, similar to every app, even Kodi needs to be updated from time to time.

The latest version of Kodi

If you have been using Kodi, you will know that the previous version, the Jarvis 16.1 is showing multiple errors! Also, this version does not support several add-ons. It also takes up excess device space for storing the Kodi errors logs. There are chances of users getting used to the UI. And this is one of the reasons why some users are not ready to update to Kodi 17.6.

The latest version of Kodi is called Krypton. Its recent version is v17.6. It is interesting to note that many Kodi users have mentioned the issues that the previous version had. The developers too have been trying their hands to fix the problems. If you are a Kodi user, it’s a smart call to update the latest version of Kodi on a Firestick, and you can use all the new features. Plus, consider getting the most out of your Firestick. As you do that, you can also click for a solution if you experience a little bit of buffering and know more about free VPN for iPad.

The bug fixes in the latest version of Kodi

The newest update of Kodi has been instrumental in fixing many bugs. Some of the useful fixes include the following:

  • The controller dialogue crashes are addressed and fixed
  • The connection problems get resolved with the internal web server
  • The standard scrapers get updated to the recent versions that are available on the release
  • You can resolve the crash by disabling the add-on for a peripheral joystick.

Advantages of updating Kodi on the Firestick

Most people love the thing that they get to use for a long time! They get used to it and are comfortable with the object. You can place the same logic for Kodi. Most people have become very used to with the Kodi Jarvis.  But there have been several issues with the old version. Kodi Jarvis is known for not backing up a group of add-ons.

Based on the popular customer feedback, the Kodi developers had released the latest Kodi 17.6. It has fixed every single bug that has been coming in the way, in the last version. Hence, the moment you get to update Kodi 17.6 you will automatically be free of all the impending issues. Few other benefits that you get to witness are as follows:

  • You have access to a brand new and enhanced UI
  • The present bugs have got resolved
  • There’s support for every Kodi skin
  • The impending buffering problem has got solved
  • There’s support for every recent Kodi add-ons
  • The latest Kodi 17.6 is much smooth and fast to operate

There are a couple of the advanced features and benefits you get to experience with the brand new Kodi 17.6 on your Firestick. All you need to do now is get a data backup first and then opt-in for the update at the earliest.