Sure, we may be in the midst of winter and chances are that your little ones are spending a little more time playing and carrying out recreational activities indoors. But before you know it, we’ll step into Spring, temperatures will rise, and you’ll find your kids pestering you to be able to go and play outdoors. Now, chances are that you’ve probably slacked on your gardening, so you’re going to have a whole lot of work on your hands to get things in order before you let your little ones loose out back. But it is feasible. Just remember that you’ll have to take extra safety precautions to ensure that they are safe and comfortable at all times. Here are a few to bear in mind!

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Cutting the Grass

Cutting the grass is a gardening basic. But some people get a little lazy and let their grass grow out a fair amount before tackling it with a lawnmower. But avoid this. Long grass can hide a host of hazards – you never know when someone might throw waste over your fence or when the wind could blow debris into your space. Mowing the grass can highlight the presence of sharp stones or glass.

Tackling Pests

Of course, you don’t want wildlife rummaging through your garden if you know your children are going to be spending time out there. But if you are practicing Pest Control, ensure that it is humane, where animals are trapped without hurting them and removed from your premises, rather than being killed through poison or traps. This isn’t only for the sake of the animals. Poison and traps can be dangerous for kids who are unfamiliar with what they are as well. They might eat the poison, or put their fingers in traps or step in traps. You don’t want your kids hurt in this way! If your kids are a little older and understand to stay away from these things, you should also bear this information in mind if you have any pets, as they are prone to eating poison or stepping in traps too.

Check Fence Panels

While kids should always be supervised when playing outside in the backyard, you do want to make sure that the perimeters are secure. This can prevent small ones crawling out through small spaces in the fences and you not being able to follow them through. Check all fence panels for breaks and cracks. This can also give you the opportunity to notice any splinters or sharp corners that could also catch on clothing or cause scratches. If you do notice any faults, make sure to have them repaired or the panel replaced by a professional.

These are just a few different steps that you can take in order to protect your little ones when they are spending time outside in your green space. Start carrying them out sooner rather than later, rather than leaving all of the work last minute when they’re already hassling you to go outside!