I love shopping. Period! While it’s easier for me as a mom of a preschool boy to just shop from home on my computer, I do love visiting some boutiques in my area when I am able to get out and about. While some see no difference between online shopping and boutique shopping, I am certainly here to tell you that there are some major benefits from buying at these charming, little stores! Read on to find out!

1. Unique Products

Baby boutiques have the most unique items! They are often handmade and not mass produced. The boutique in my town sells something called quiet books. They are made of soft materials like felt and fabric, and each page can be personalized to your child’s wants and needs. Each page encourages quiet play, whether by sorting objects, using their fine motor skills to zip or button items, or to provide them with texture sensations.

Boutiques also pride themselves on using organic fabrics and making all clothing and accessories by hand. Think of it like an Etsy, at your fingertips (without the shipping costs!).

Also, in my experience, boutiques are willing to personalize and monogram pretty much anything-stuffed animals, blankets, clothing; the owners are eager to please and want to stand out from an online store.

2. Supports Small Businesses

I’m all about ease and convenience, but truth be told-I just feel better about giving a small store my business rather than a large corporation like Walmart or Target. These business owners are dreamers and do tend to struggle to make ends meet. I love being part of the solution, rather than part of the problem. Baby and toddler boutiques can be online or local. Online baby and toddler boutiques have been growing rapidly in recent years with new stores such as Bitsy Bug Boutique. These online baby boutiques offer exceptional quality products but at a fraction of the price typically. Although, for some moms and dads, it still makes more sense to go into a local baby boutique to fit things correctly.

3. Loyalty Discounts

Boutiques tend to offer loyalty discounts for frequently shopping there. I often score 20% off on my purchases because I am a regular customer. Sometimes, you can get free items after so many purchases of one thing too.

Boutiques have you sign up for newsletters and emails, and in return, you get invited to private shopping events, or early sales that others aren’t privy to.

4. Personal Packaging

Amazon may ship items in two days flat, but how often are the packages beautifully gift wrapped? Baby boutiques always use tissue paper, beautiful boxes, and gorgeous gift wrap on their items. Many times, they will complimentary wrap your shower gifts or birthday presents for you!

5. They Host Events

Many boutiques host events for moms. It’s a great way to meet other moms in your area and network. I have found a great babysitter after attending a Girl’s Night Out Event at a local baby boutique. Also, my son made some great friends because of some play groups that were advertised throughout the shop.

Some baby and children’s boutiques offer parenting classes or perks (a local boutique hosted a Disney character lunch). Again, the community outreach is important to them, and it’s also important to me!

6. They are Charming

There’s something sweet and charming about the overall experience of shopping at a boutique. Many will put out some snacks and drinks, and others are children-friendly, offering a play corner for kids while you shop.

Dressing rooms are cute and ornately decorated, and the shops always smell friendly and inviting.

When I’m in need of some retail therapy and wish to pamper my little one a bit, I always visit a baby boutique!

7. You Get the Right Fit, the First Time

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ordered clothing online and I had to return it because it was way too tight on my son. While sizing guides are provided on online stores, I always find it better to try on clothing and get it right the first time!

I’ve also returned clothing before because the material was of poor quality or some design cuts were off. When shopping at a baby boutique, I’ve never had an issue with fit, quality, or design.

7. Associates Get Commission

The great thing about shopping at baby and children’s boutiques is that the sales associates get commission off of your purchases. They are willing to help and eager to please. They stock your dressing room, makes suggestions, and offer honest opinions about the fit and style of your purchases. They also go to great lengths to make sure you are happy and had a positive shopping experience.

If you’ve never shopped at a baby or children’s boutique, consider checking one out, whether you shop online or local. You’ll find the overall experience is extremely satisfying and you get to leave with a unique, high quality item on the same day!