If you wish to open a coffee shop or a café, there are many things you will need for running a successful business. From refrigeration systems to industrial bean grinders, paper products, flatware, storage and more, the preparation required can be dizzying. With regards to setting up the café, you will need to create an equipment checklist. Below is an all-inclusive guide that will ensure that you have everything before opening your doors to the public.


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Coffee Preparation

Preparing the coffee is the hub of your business, and for this, you will require different equipment to make sure you can satisfy your clients’ needs. Take a look at the list of equipment needed:

You will want to make sure that you equipment is properly cared for, as you need clean, scale-free equipment to make great coffee.  Keeping coffee machines and other appliances in top working shape will mean you can keep things running smoothly and that the coffee is just right!  You’ll want to look into how do you descale a Keurig coffee maker.

Storage and Refrigeration

As you will work with perishable goods along with different ingredients, you will require the best refrigeration system and comprehensive storage to ensure the perishable items adhere to all the regulatory guidelines.

For this, you need the following:

  • Industrial plastic wrap
  • Food storage containers
  • Industrial shelving especially for dry storage
  • Insulated containers for milk and cream
  • A large freezer
  • Industrial refrigerators

Dishes and Flatware

A lot of flatware and dishes are required to offer customers the best experience when they visit your café.

The list of equipment is as follows:

  • Drink preparation utensils such as pitchers, barista spoons
  • Spoons
  • Drinking glasses and cups
  • Mugs
  • Plates

To add to all the supplies needed, you will need to choose an appropriate style. In case of a consistent look, order the from the best equipment supply stores. On the contrary, you can also imbue the café with a little of personality, using utensils and dishes that are mismatching or thrifted and also quirky coffee mugs that have different sizes and shapes.

Furniture and Decor

Though furniture is not considered equipment when it comes to a café, customers will require a place to sit comfortably. Coffee shop décor plays a vital role to give your café or coffee shop a unique look.

Take a run-through covering the equipment that you may require:

  • Audio systems
  • Coffee shop sign
  • Framed posters/photos, wall art
  • Exterior/interior lighting
  • In-store displays and menus
  • Overhead menus
  • Storage cases/display
  • Food preparation counter
  • Umbrellas and outdoor furniture
  • Counters
  • Tables and chairs

Here again, your equipment will differ depending on your coffee shop. If you are not planning on providing outdoor seating, then you will not have to think about umbrellas or weather-resistant seating. To kick-start, a business is no child’s play, and this is applicable in case of cafes too. By simply following this guide sincerely you can acquire everything that you require for setting up the coffee shop that you have long dreamt of. Always purchase your café equipment from a reliable and credible supplier.

Good Luck!