If there’s anything that kids can remember for years to come, it is often Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions. It’s these precious memories that usually bring families closer together. Your kids can get excited when it’s time for a special event in your family because of the things you tend do at such times.

Holidays aren’t just about the number of presents you share with your family or the toys that kids play with. Magical moments come when you have exceptional experiences and traditions. They live long after you’ve got broken, discarded, and lost toys. Here are some ideas for traditions that you can try out this year.


  1. Outdoor Activities

You can be a little bit different from the tendency of families locking themselves indoors when it’s cold. Instead of resting on your couch to watch some movies or choosing to bake fattening cookies, take your loved ones out for skiing, ice skating, or sledding. It is an exciting and healthy way of spending time with your family.

You could also try to build a snowman. Not only is this a good opportunity to work together with your loved ones, but also a great source of exercise. It is fun and healthy for the whole family to collaborate, interact, and grow relationally through this activity.

  1. Enjoy the Fun of Canning

Join the new generation of home chefs who are embracing canning as a way of preserving their holiday season’s fresh produce. This way, you can not only have fun, but also get full control over what the final product should have. The advantage is that you can even use a pressure cooker for canning because it doesn’t require specialized equipment.  

  1. Trimming the Tree and Decorating

Choose one day for trimming the tree and decorating your house. Don’t be too inflexible on achieving the perfect look for your home. You could involve your kids in the process. Let them hang their ornaments and leave the tree’s top half mostly empty. They’ll move the materials around almost daily anyway.

The work you can do on your own is decorating hard-to-reach places and the mantle. Kids enjoy being creative with holiday decors, so don’t be bossy about telling them what goes where. Otherwise, you’ll take away their enthusiasm and good start to the holiday.

  1. Get Family Pajamas

It may look like a silly tradition, but having family pajamas can bring extra joy to your kids, especially when they see their parents in the same outfit as theirs. When you’ll be looking at the photos in the future, it’ll dawn on you how much joy it brings to the family.

You would want to purchase a size up so that each member of the family wears the same pair of pajamas for this and the next year’s season. You might also consider snatching a size or two larger than what they have when they’re on sale. This way, you’ll have enough of the clothing for years to come.


Holiday traditions are much better than toys and presents because they remain in the memory of every family member as long as they live. At the same time, they are total fun if you are creative enough and allow your kids to do their own thing.