The current demands of society and high fashion are enough to make women doubt their natural beauty. The modern beauty standards are anything but ridiculous, but then there are times when you need to pucker up and fall in line. What do you do? Do you visit the salon every time you have a date night coming up? Do you spend thousands on your salon visits every month because your client servicing job demands a prim and proper look? Do you sacrifice your naturally beautiful hair to chemical treatments and unforgiving chopping to stay trendy?

Woman hair

Celebrities, including Christina Hendricks, Kim Kardashian, Cardi B, Katy Perry, and Kylie Jenner swear by their vast collection of wigs and weave that look entirely natural in harsh light and Instagram uploads. The forever evolving hair color trends, haircuts, and hair lengths have turned the celebrities towards wig shopping and sharing. Believe it or not, there is an incredible number of wig specialists doing their rounds in Hollywood right now. Some of them also cater to the non-Hollywood clientele, who need professional looking hair before a big pitch or a black tie evening. So, whether it is a road trip and rock concert you have planned for the upcoming weekend, or a grand house party with your sorority girls, you can turn to the all-natural Diamond Dynasty full lace wigs instead of putting your hair through another round of chemical treatments.

It is not easy waking up with a head full of silver-blond hair that is poker straight, untangled and bouncy at the same time. As most women know, bed head is a real headache, and it is nothing close to the smooth swooshing luxurious mane we see in movies. The reality can make you wonder if any amount of hair products and treatments is enough to get the same gorgeous hair Kim Kardashian supposedly wakes up with every morning. Well, it is time for a reality check. Most celebs we see on Instagram are sporting a weave. Do you remember the recent outrage when Kylie Jenner finally posted her selfies with the wig off?

Why should you give wigs another thought?

It is time for us to change our views. Wigs are not the dirty little secret we need to keep hiding in our incognito tabs and at the back of our closets. We need to give up our fear of snagging some hair in our purse chain or staying away from the poolside during a party. Wigs have become a part of high fashion thanks to some of the brave celebrities, socialites and statement makers of the 21st century who boldly claim wearing wigs or weaves to red carpet events. It is also high time women declared their love for their real hair. Without embracing their real hair, it is impossible for anyone to fall in love with full lace human hair weaves. Most women are going with weaves instead of bleaching and coloring their hair. Wigs not only open up a whole new world of hairstyles, but they also safeguard the natural hair from pollution, chemicals, and exposure. It is time to do your research and shop quality glueless knotless braid wig.

Human hair wigs are usually of several types. If you have the budget, always go with all natural, 100% virgin hair. That is human hair that has never undergone any treatments including chemical straightening and curling. As a result, this kind of hair is easier to untangle, manage, wash, or even color. Remy hair does not always refer to virgin hair. It can be chemically treated hair as well. However, it is also human hair, and Remy hair wigs will be costlier than the average synthetic wigs. Non-Remy hair is usually the one that has experienced chemical processing. If you have a non-Remy hair wig, it is possible that the hair has undergone several rounds of perms, straightening, and harsh washes. The hair runs in different directions and allows the wig to remain tangle-free.

How to rock a wig like a celebrity?

To avoid confusion, always look for full lace, human hair wigs. The full lace, virgin hair wigs will last longer although they will feel like a significant investment during purchase. If you can maintain them properly, you can use them for over a year. Lace wigs will give you a completely natural look that you can rock at the office, during bar hops with friends or during romantic dinners with the beau. To rock these styles, you need to ensure that you are donning them right. We have spotted several celebrities making some of the most embarrassing rookie wig mistakes, and we do not want you to do the same. Here are a few things you must remember to wear a wig like a professional –

  1. Always lay your hair down as flat as possible. Yes, it is possible to skip the wig cap altogether while opting for a full lace human hair wig. However, it requires months of dedicated practice to lock the clips in place and pull the wig without making your second layer of hair look too puffed up and artificial. If you are a first time, go with a breathable and firm wig cap. Clip the wig onto the edges of the cap for a firm grip. That should address all problems with tugging your wig or your hair getting caught in the purse zipper.
  2. If you have a lace front wig, you will need to cut the lace to fit your natural hairline. Do not cut too close since each hair woven into the lace will start coming off and it will be an uncontrollable disaster. You only need a natural look with a nice distribution of baby hairs and a natural hairline.
  3. You should always pay attention to the parting of the wig. The part should look as natural as possible. All high-quality full lace wigs have very natural looking parts, but you can always tweeze a little to make it more prominent like your natural hair part. Dab on some concealer, and powder to match the natural shade of your skin.
  4. Always keep your wigs away from sunlight, high humidity, and harsh chemicals. You should ideally treat your human hair weaves like you treat your natural hair. If you are in doubt about cleaning them and storing them, go through the manufacturer’s instructions. Even better, you can take them with you on your next salon visit. You should use a mild shampoo, conditioner, and serums on your wigs.
  5. The biggest rookie mistake is not knowing what glue to use on the lace front. You can try the products most YouTube, and Instagram stars recommend, or you can pay a visit to your regular salon where they know your skin type. Your stylist should be able to provide you with the correct glue type. No matter what glue you pick, find the proper drying time. Some of them take up to 15 minutes to dry completely.
  6. You can gel the baby hairs down like you generally do to your natural baby hair. If you do not usually do it, then leave them be. Keeping them a little messy will give the wig an entirely natural look.
  7. Once you have dried the glue, it is time to match the wig’s hairline to your natural skin tone. Use a little bit of concealer cum setting powder on a small eyeshadow brush, and gently apply into the spaces between the baby hairs. Make sure you are using the same shade you have used on the rest of your face.
  8. While choosing a wig, you can either keep it subtle or go completely OTT. Either way is fine, as long as you can carry it off. Whether it is a blue bob with fringes or a casual ponytail close to your natural hair color, you should be confident while wearing the piece. To make things a little less obvious, you should try to pick a color that is close to your natural hair color.
  9. If you tend to sweat a lot and you have to work outdoors, go with lighter-density wigs. You can pick something between 80% and 100% for a completely natural look that does not weigh you down. Try to stick with shorter lengths or an updo that can provide relief from the heat and the sweat. Sweating under a wig and a wig cap is not an experience you will miss!
  10. If you do not want to spend hundreds on your very first wig, try to coordinate with a weave sharing company. You will get the opinions and advice of the experts along with multiple wigs to find your style. First timers should always try out various lengths, densities, styles, and colors, before zeroing in on the one.

Wearing wigs is now a fashion statement, and you need to grab you all natural, human hair wig before they sell out. Finding 100% natural, virgin or Remy hair wigs is not easy. When you have the chance to grab a couple at a bargain price, you should always try and buy.