I received a Brackitz set in order to facilitate my review.

I am always looking for ways to get my kids doing creative things that don’t involve electronics or screen time.  I like to see them using their imaginations and thinking creatively.  I was interested to try out Brackitz, which are unique building sets, and different from any others that we have used.


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Brackitz was invented by a dad who wanted more from building sets, and designed pieces that were versatile and durable.

The Brackitz Driver Set includes 43 pieces and directions for ten driving machines – from a spinning gyro-copter to a space rover to a wind-up blaster.  With wheels, axles, hubs and rubber-band drivetrains, engineers of all ages can design and build machines that spin, explore space, fly through the air, or drive crazy fast. (Brackitz.com)

The kids dug into the Brackitz kit, which has a lot of different and interesting pieces to work with.  We have the 43-piece driver set, which has four wheels and comes wih directions for 10 projects – but the possibilities are endless.


The wheels in this set makes it nice for being able to make a variety of different vehicles.


My daughter and I put together a variety of rolling vehicles, trying out different combinations and racing them.  We didn’t even start with any of the projects included in the booklet – just came up with anything we could imagine.


The pieces come in a variety of shapes and colors, which I think makes it appealing to kids.  You have to think about what shapes fit together and how to get the pieces to work as a set.


The neat thing is that the sets are all interchangeable.  There are themed sets, like ones where you can build pulleys or create a bug race park, or you can buy assortments of pieces as well, so that you can expand your building projects.


I love that Brackitz gets kids building things and coming up with their own creations, or using the instructions to recreate certain designs.  This has been a nice break from electronics and other screen time.  We are also going to use our Brackitz kit with our Girl Scout Troop for some STEM projects.

Check out Brackitz at https://brackitz.com/ and https://amzn.to/42zUid7


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